Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Will at 9 Months...

Whew! Crisis averted! Thanks to those who helped me fix the blog!

I am so shocked that it's already been nine months that I actually MISSED his actual nine-month-iversary. Ha! It was LAST Tuesday and on Wednesday night I told Eddie I'd forgotten my grandmother's birthday and then realized it was the same day as Will's nine months. Whoops!

My pictures turned out HORRIBLE, but I am not redoing them. It takes to much patience to get him to sit still for five minutes that we're just using what we've got this month!

The boys are almost exactly the same size at this age. But they look SO different to me. Will's "hair piece" is the biggest difference. ;) Is that awful? He has SO MUCH hair on top but not around the sides. Hehehe.

* Will is 20 pounds, 11.5 ounces and 28 inches. This is an official doctor's measurement this month. We went to the doctor this morning.

* The sleeping is NOT happening. I'm still up with him 2-3 times every night or Eddie is sleeping in the rocker with him. We thought he was SUCH a good sleeper. He LOVES to sleep. He's just not great at making it all night long. We were told today to start crying it out. :( It hurts my feelings to listen to it but the doctor said after about three or four days we SHOULD be over the hump.

* Still wearing a size 3 diaper.

* He nurses about every 3 hours and eats baby food at supper. :/ I still need to get better about more baby food throughout the day. He DOES eat lots of puffs, cereal, yogurt melts, and small bites of our food at other meals, though.

* He takes a paci when he's fussy and sleepy. Otherwise, he could not care less about it.

* He's still a for-sure tummy sleeper. Tucks his feet up underneath him and sticks his booty up in the air.

* He sleeps with a wubbie but doesn't really need it.

* He's happy 99% of the time but he has a MAJOR temper. On Tuesday night I got up with him to feed him and took the monitor with me (we have an Angelcare monitor on his bed because he sleeps with his nose in the mattress - it alerts me if he stops breathing and/or moving - the monitor goes off if you don't "pause" it when you take the baby out of the bed). When he saw the monitor lights he wanted to hold it which was fine until I put him back to bed and took it from him. He LOST HIS MIND about it. We are talking the screaming where no sound is coming out cries followed by fat crocodile tears and choking sobs. Ridiculous. He hates not to get his way.

* He's still not a huge fan of being on-the-go like James was. He'd rather be able to play or be held.

* Still just two teeth! Crazy! James had six at nine months.

* He HATED his infant seat so we moved him up to a convertible this month. So far, so good.

* He HATES to have his clothes and diaper changed. He is STRONG and wiggles away easily. He's been going without socks and shoes because it's hard to keep them on him.

* He LOVES to take a bath in the big boy tub. He would play forever. James isn't as fond of him being there.

* He has gotten better and better at crawling. James loves to call him so that he'll crawl after him. They are going to LOVE to play chase soon.

* He's a watcher. He takes everything in. He also watches other people's reactions to situations to decide how he should react.

* He says "mamamamama" when he's upset about something, but so far that's his only real word.

* He's started to cruise around the furniture a bit.

* He loves to give kisses.

* He LOVES to scream. Lots of loud screaming and squealing. It's hysterical!

* His daily schedule varies depending on the day. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays I let him sleep in because we typically don't have anywhere to go. He usually sleeps until about 9 or 10. If he DOES sleep late, he only takes an afternoon nap. It's usually a good three hours. If he doesn't sleep late he'll nap about 10-12 and again from 2-4 or so.

* And just to let you all know that I earned the "Mom of the Month" status today, he has an EAR INFECTION at a well-check. Yea! So THAT'S what the fever was from over the weekend. Just one ear and it's apparently not too bad because Dr. W. didn't even notice it until he got way in, but it is infected and he's on his first round of amoxicillin. :(

He is so much fun! If we could just get this sleeping thing working we'd be good to go!

This is the perfect representation of my life right now. James was trying to get my attention and entertain me and Will was being sneaky and getting into TROUBLE.

The End.

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