Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Update...

I feel like we rushed through this weekend! How is it Monday morning already? What in the world? I think time goes by twice as fast with kids. Boo!

I had Book Club at my house on Thursday evening. We had a great time! James wanted to come to the meeting, too, but I told him he couldn't since he hadn't read the book. :) Eddie quickly reminded me that I hadn't finished, either. James made several shy appearances. He's hilarious when taken out of his element because he's a different kid entirely.

This is what I've learned to do with Will while cleaning. :) James LOVED his jumpy but Will only enjoys it for about five minutes. However, little man LOVES to sit on the floor and play. Too bad that's not all that safe in our house sometimes. ;)

The consensus at Book Club was that he could go to school on Friday. Croup is just a cold, he'd been 48 hours with no fever, and with asthma he sounds pretty bad for longer than the regular kid. SO. I got up and started getting ready on Friday morning only to be met at 8AM with a screaming, fit-pitching little boy who wasn't going to school. Whoa. Fine. Get on the sofa and don't move. By 9AM he wanted to go but I hadn't even gotten dressed or fed Will so it would've taken me a bit to get him there. Instead, I proved my point about being sick. He had to stay on the sofa all morning. And while I would pay big money for a day like that, he did not enjoy himself. By the third tv show he was over it. Mwahaha. He even said he thought he'd be well on Wednesday. :) (In his defense, he's still not 100%, but he could have gone!)

We stayed in on Friday evening and in a random turn of events we put Will to bed at 7:30. That boy LOVES to sleep. He wants to go to sleep at 7:30 every night but the other three of us aren't always ready. He hasn't had a bath by then so we usually just try to hold him over. We just skipped baths on Friday, though, so he was out early. This was actually sort of fun because James, Eddie, and I got to sit out on the swing {in the cool, fall weather!} for a while. It was nice!

Want James to sit still? Turn on Daniel Tiger.

LOVE how this boy sleeps.

Saturday we loaded up and went to Lake Blackshear for the day. Eddie helped his daddy fix the patio {although I'm not sure how much help he was - he'd almost finished when we got there! whoops!} and James and Grandmama spent some time fishing. No fish, though, as James has reminded me several times. It felt nice outside but the gnats were ridiculous so Will and I spent the majority of the time inside, unfortunately.

Saturday evening James fell apart. I think it was a combination of still not feeling well + playing hard all day. He slept on the way home from the lake and slept for another hour once we got home. He seemed to feel awful and was coughing up a storm again.

Eddie didn't get me up for church yesterday. I think he just assumed that since James hadn't felt great, we wouldn't be the best parents if we dropped our sick kid off in the nursery. As the day progressed, though, we realized he was really ok. We ran several errands around town that HAD to be done and we'd put them off. Shoe shopping for James was on the list. Do you know how hard it is to find children's tennis shoes in neutral colors {just nothing flashy - we're thinking gray here} and with laces, not Velcro? Ridiculous!

Saturday afternoon. More proof that we love Daniel Tiger:

Ha! He had to stretch because he's parked underneath the tv. You know, since babies aren't supposed to watch tv. Would someone please tell him that? ;) Not quite as easy to follow those rules when you have a big brother!

Last night we did take James to church with us for the last night of the church play. We really love this ministry that our church has. If you're local, ask me about it because they're always really funny and we enjoy them! {I enjoyed this one a lot more because Eddie wasn't in it! ;) }

I'm a Twitter-er/Instagram-er and I always get so tickled about the "outfits of the day." Because seriously? Mine is often {okay, USUALLY} Nike shorts and a t-shirt. So when I was getting dressed Sunday night I tweeted this picture out and asked if it looked okay. And now I understand. Within five minutes I had lots and lots of replies about how I looked. I think I'll let them help me get dressed every day! HA!

This week is more of the same! Methodist Men tonight, haircuts tomorrow, school on Wednesday and Friday! 


Anna Catherine said...

You look like a skinny minny!

Julie Rogers said...

Glad to see someone else lives in t-shirts and Nike shorts! Hope you enter our giveaway for superhero capes---I think you have two boys that would love it:!


Bridgett said...

I have a hard time finding neutral shoes for Fischer, as well! Recently found the New Balance 990 in his size (tiny - size 8!) and they have shoe laces. They have them at Country Cobbler in Valdosta if you ever make it down that way.