Friday, September 14, 2012

Will at 7 Months...

How in the world has it been seven months already? I will soon have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Wasn't JAMES just seven months old yesterday?

At seven months, Will:

* is 21 pounds (19 pounds last month) and ?? inches (27.25 inches last month). 
I completely forgot to do this. Someone remind me tomorrow!!!

* He's wearing 6-9 months and a LOT of 12 month clothing. I'm in need of some more 12 month fall clothes for him. James' are all summer.

* His tear duct isn't clogged anymore! Hallelujah! It fixed itself before 9 months just like everyone said!

* He's on a decent schedule. On school days I wake him at 8:30, he naps at 10:30, I wake him at 11:30, he naps at 1:30, he takes a decently long afternoon nap, and is ready for bed (although he doesn't go!) at 7:30. He is my sleeper (but also likes two snacks at night). He sleeps late and likes to go to bed early. he also naps great in his crib!

* Still in a size 3 diaper. I think 4's are still too big but we've had LOTS of accidents lately.

* He's still chewing on everything! He's cut his bottom front two teeth.

* He still doesn't mind a bath at all. He's learned to splash and thinks that's fun. He doesn't like to be put down after his bath, though.

* Speaking of that, his two favorite things are to be placed on the floor with toys or to be held. He's not a jumpy fan like James.

* He learned to go from his tummy to sitting this month. I've mentioned before that he did "crunches" before he learned to roll over. Apparently that has paid off because he was laying flat on his back one day this week and sat completely up from that position. Yowza!

* He sleeps with his paci and a wubbie and is a tummy sleeper for sure! He sleeps with his booty poked up in the air and his feet tucked underneath. I love it.

* He can "caterpillar crawl." He gets on his hands and knees and propels himself forward onto his tummy and then repeats over and over. He skipped the steam-roller stage that James went through.

* He's tried rice cereal, oatmeal, apples, pears, peaches, blueberries, bananas, and sweet potatoes. We've got to get better about real meals because he's a hungry boy!

* He's riding in the front of the grocery carts now like a big boy and sitting in high chairs at restaurants. He's not a huge fan of the grocery carts, I've realized. He'd rather be held.

* He seems to be going through a little clingy stage lately!

* He pinches worse than anyone I've ever met. I swear this is my Granddaddy's doing. He pinches me every time I feed him. And he bit me yesterday. That, my friends, is not awesome.

* I was looking back at James' post from seven months and saw that James had just started to climb down from the sofa even though he couldn't stand. Hilarious because Will has done that several times this week. He just slides right out of my lap to get down!

* He is the sweetest, happiest baby ever!  {Except in the picture below!}
I love, love, love this little man!


Noooo! Don't let her put me in this too-small onesie and take my picture!

Oh, there's James. Whew! Entertainment!

These two goons were my "helpers." They're making their sad faces. James is all about a "Show me your {fill in the blank} face!" these days. My favorite? "Show me your tv face!" What???

And on another note, we got a newsletter in the mail the other day with a picture in it of Papa getting pied in the face. In case you want to see, here it is:

Ha! Don't be mad, Dad!

Anyway, James has been OVERLY concerned about why someone would want to do this to Papa. Why would they do it? Why did Papa have that pie on his face? {It was a fundraiser, that's why.} We finally CALLED Papa for an explanation after about two weeks of this. So today we "pied" each other in the face with pillows. Best game ever in James' opinion!

And the littlest {formerly calm, cool, and laid back child} is a mover and a shaker these days. Here he comes!

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