Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sweet Friends.

One of my favorite things about having little ones is being friends with others who have little ones and seeing our babies interact. One of my oldest friends (as in, I've known her longest) was also a college roommate. We were GREAT friends in elementary and middle school (our mamas met standing in line to get our youngest siblings into preschool when they were 3 - and then our mamas taught preschool together and became {and still are} great friends) but we went to different high schools and colleges and didn't keep up with one another for a while. My last year of college was Mary Beth's first year of graduate school and she and I and another friend, Megan, all roomed together. Our lives have really mirrored one another since then. I got engaged, she got engaged, I got married, she got married, I had James, and she had Sarah Beth. It's so much fun to be walking through life with someone who is going through the same things as you!

James and Sarah Beth are almost exactly 9 months apart in age. Mary Beth told me yesterday that she thinks they found out she was pregnant the day that I had James. They live outside of Athens so we don't get to see them that often, but we do try to get together a few times a year and Mary Beth and I talk often on the phone after we've dropped the big kids off at preschool.

Yesterday, while they were in Tifton visiting Mary Beth's parents, we drove down for the day to have lunch and let the littles play. They took a little bit to warm up to one another, but they had SO much fun! Contrary to what their faces may tell you in this picture, they had a ball!

We enjoyed visiting with Mary Beth, her mom Mrs. Lynn, and "Grandma" Debbie while we were in Tifton. I sure hope we can get together again SOON! Maybe there will be a trip to Athens for a football game (or a tv football game!) soon!

I packed the boys up around 3:30 and hit the road. I did stop by Anna and Lance's on my way out to pick up a bike to borrow and pull the boys around the neighborhood in the bike trailer soon. We waved to Memo as we left but we didn't get to stop and visit.

As we drove through Sycamore, I pulled off the interstate where my grandmother lived before she died over a decade ago. I can't believe it's been that long! I knew that her house had been re-done and I always want to pull off and drive past it but we never have time. Since I was by myself and the boys were sleeping I decided to do it. The neighborhood has gone down a bit but it looks almost exactly the same as I remembered. Her house actually looked great even though it's different. I posted this picture on Facebook last night and a cousin asked me if I'd seen the inside of it. Apparently the buyers gutted the house and changed it completely. Sad. There has been a long discussion on Facebook on this house and on Nana. She would love that!

Finally, James began coughing yesterday. Four days into school and we're sick. I actually think he must have picked it up at church on Sunday. Whatever. I guess it's just a part of being a kid! Hopefully our breathing treatments and medicine will knock it out quickly. I hate having him on medicine but apparently it's just something we're going to have to deal with with him. Since we've had a lazy day at home we've watched {part of} The Fox and the Hound (or Copper and Tod as he calls it), Cinderella (Cinderelly), two episodes of Mike the Knight, two episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Follow that Bird, and Sesame Street. Whew! Naptime now and I'm taking a break from all the noise! We've also finished his "homework" assignment - an "About Me" book. So cute!

I'm birthday party planning and cleaning up this house for Book Club tomorrow night!

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Anna Catherine said...

Whew! You should ride by the Shoney's in Ashburn. I'm sure it's gone downhill as well! haha!
Hope James feels better soon!