Thursday, August 16, 2012

Funny Boy...

There's not a ton going on at our house this week. Still waiting on school to start back (got our letter from his teacher today!!!), had a doctor's appointment, our six-month pics got rained out (rescheduled for tonight), about had a heart attack when I walked up on a lizard in our garage. You know, the usual. (Seriously, if you know me at all, you know what kind of reaction I gave when I saw that darn thing. I opened the door and all 80 8 inches of him was sitting in the garage and he RAN and I screamed and ran and slammed the door and could not shake the heebie jeebies for a while. I'm still cringing just thinking about it. James thought it was hysterical. It was not. Which brings me to more funny things from James...)

We are in the very beginnings of the imagination stage. James pretends ALL THE TIME and I love it. Dress up, pretend play, telling me "stories." He pretends to read things and he pretends to go places. Here are a few of the most recent episodes:

James picked up the church bulletin and read: "Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for Will and thank you for Scout." When we questioned him, he got shy and said that's not what he said...but it was.

James marched into my office one day recently while he was waiting for Eddie to get back from Lowe's. He said, "Hey Mom, I'm going to go to Lowe's, ok? I'll be back in a little while." I told him that was ok and I'd see him later. I thought he would get on his tricycle and ride off but he stood in the doorway. When I questioned him he said, "Umm...I'm going to take your car." I laughed. Then he said, " do y'all open that garage door?" HA! (And yes, he prefaces a LOT of things with "Umm" and sucks his teeth like he's really thinking on it.)

"Ummm...I'll be Minnie Mouse and you be Daisy. And Will be Dondald."

Me: I'm about to go take a shower baby.
James: And I'm 'bout to go to Pu-yix (Publix). I'm gonna take my bicycle and I'm donna (gonna) park...ummm, next to somebody else. Bye.

James: What we gonna have for supper?
Me: We're having Oregano Chicken.
James: I don't wike 'wego chicken. I wike chicken nuggets, macawoni and cheese, and fwench fwies.

When James played with the Dinner Club bunch a few weekends ago, Elli assembled all the younger kids in a "fashin shoe" (translation: fashion show...our invites stated "fashin shoe!"). The other night James ran into the room and yelled "GET READY FOR THE FASHION SHOW!" Eddie is so proud. We've had a few fashion shows since then, too.

James is very clear on when we are going to Disney World. We had planned to take him this October but then Will came along and I'm not enough of a nut to take an 8 month old to Disney. So we're going when Will's big enough. James has asked and asked about going to Mickey's House. He knows that the castle at the beginning of Disney movies is where Mickey lives (he's a little confused about that part). The other night I heard him say, "Will, when you're almost three and when I've five we're GOING TO MICKEY'S HOUSE." Pumped, I tell ya!

He's telling me a lot lately that he's going to work with daddy. "Where does Daddy work?" "At his office." (Duh.) "What does Daddy do at his office?" "Work." :) Clearly, I need to work on re-wording my questions.

To keep in the obvious Mickey theme around here, what does he want to be when he grows up? Mickey Mouse, of course.


Cristin said...

I love the conversations at this age! So literal and so sweet!

Anna Catherine said...

I LOVE when we were running errands that day and he was placing our drive thru orders out the window. "Umm...I'll have a #5 with a coke...What do you want Cacky?"