Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Year Old Preschool...

Many of you know that we had a tough year last year with preschool. James loved it, but his teacher just didn't seem like the best fit for him. Bless her heart, she had a class full of boys (and two girls), but she just wasn't the best fit for him. We loved the school, but I left every day wondering why we were there. (I would highly recommend checking this particular school out, I just think it was a bad mix of things for us - too many rowdy boys in one class for an older teacher, food allergy diagnosis right in the middle of the year, and an already emotional HUGELY pregnant mama.)

Anyway, we decided to try a change of scenery this year and signed James up for a school that's five minutes away instead of fifteen. James will still be attending two days a week, but the other plus for this school is that at 3 he can go either 3 days or 5 days a week and at 4 he will go 5 days. At the school last year it's always only 2 days a week. (Not sure if we'll keep him there at 4 or send him to the private school here but both are five half-days.)

We've been anticipating a letter from his teacher all summer long and it finally came this week. I have been praying and praying for Mrs. Teresa, not even knowing who she is. I've prayed that she's exactly who God wants with James this year. I've prayed that she'll understand my anxiousness about his food allergies. I've prayed that she'll understand him and love him. I've prayed for the other boys and girls in the class. I know that not every day will go great, but I'm praying that he'll have a fantastic year and will grow in every way possible this year.

I've ordered James a new backpack, have my list of school supplies from the school, and am trying to think of a cute meet-the-teacher gift. He's excited! (You wouldn't know it from his response when I asked if he wanted me to read the letter from Mrs. Teresa. He quickly shouted "NO!" Someone was grumpy from his nap. Yikes.)

I can't wait to see what this new school year has in store for him!

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Lauren said...

When do yall meet her?! I know James will love I am the hugely preggo mama with all of the anxieties. I may be calling you often. ha.