Thursday, April 26, 2012

Snippets from the Week...

We've had a pretty busy week. I have a few pictures and videos to post but it needs to be quick so here's a list of things we've been up to:

1. James' allergies are killing him. He sounds pitiful but hasn't run a fever, had a runny nose, or lost any energy. He has a cough that won't quit, though, and has had it for about three weeks now. He assures me that he feels fine but then says, "Oh no! I sick! I needa see Dr. W." He loves Dr. W. Ha!

2. Question for you mamas out there. The other day I panicked because I thought Will had had an allergic reaction to something. When he nurses he gets a red "mask" on his face. See the picture below. It's not hives, it's not raised at all, it just appears while he's nursing and goes away almost immediately after. Anyone else experience this?

3. We've hit the "pretend all the time" phase of childhood and I LOVE it. While there have been lots of conversations about "monsters" lately that I don't really love, we've also done a lot of pretending that "I'm a kitty cat!" or "I'm a puppy dog!" And yesterday he walked into my room and told me he was "Mis-tah To-mah!" (Mr. Comer, a friend who is a volunteer firefighter.)

4. When I suggested after breakfast yesterday that we read some books, James VERY enthusiastically asked if I would get out his tent so that we could read in it. :)

5. We've been doing after-school Bible School all week long at church. It's been a fun (short!) afternoon with singing, games, and crafts. James is ALL ABOUT the Bible School CD from last summer. He knows all the words to all the songs and that's almost all we listen to in the car. So Tuesday and Wednesday at Bible School I sneaked him out of the nursery to participate in the music part for just a few minutes. He can hold his own with the big kids and is having the time of his life!

He's such a nut!

6. Before I know it he'll be driving off to pick up his friends:

7. And just in case you wondered, Will is the HAPPIEST baby in the world. He is an absolute delight and an angel!

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Lauren said...

first, i am with James on the allergy thing. they are killing me this week. what in the world is in bloom!?! second, is the redness on Will on which ever side you are holding him? like is it from where his face is on your arm as you nurse? and lastly, i love it that james is pretending to be mr. tomah! hahaha!