Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Day...

Well, today is eventful for us and I didn't even realize it would be.

First of all, James has been on his allergy meds for over a week now. The doctor told us last week to get them into his system for at least five days and then try peanut butter. He didn't have school today and we didn't have any big plans so we could really watch him after we experimented. Well...we gave him a spoonful at lunch today and so far, so good! No anaphylaxis, no rash! Woohoo for so far! He's excited to be able to eat peanut butter with his daddy! (That being said, you caregivers that read...we made sure that our peanut butter said NOTHING about being processed in a plant that also processes tree nuts.)

And for the second big event of the day, James asked to put on big boy underwear on last night so I let him. He had two accidents almost back to back and both times I could tell that he'd just forgotten because he gasped immediately and yelled, "UH OH!" So, he asked again today and I said yes. I've reminded him that he's not wearing a diaper but I have NOT set a timer and so far, so good! He's even going all by himself and DOES NOT want me to help (much).

Here's hoping the rest of the day goes smoothly as well.

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Lauren said...

yay! great day with the PB and big boy undies!! when's will's appt again?! i want to know how much he weighs! ha!