Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life With Two: Big Brother, Baby Brother

Alas, the nickname "Baby Brother" has all but worn off. Too bad. I really, really thought it was sweet. :)

I thought I'd update how we're doing as a family of four or two, two and under. In a word: fantastic! Yes, we're tired. Yes, we're busy. Yes, our house is a WRECK. (And I'm not exaggerating that, unfortunately.) (I need to fire our maid, I guess.) But we're fantastic.

Life with two hasn't hit us as drastically and dramatically as everyone told me that it would. I keep expecting it, and it keeps flowing quite smoothly. I assume we'll hit a few bumps when Will becomes mobile and starts messing with someone else's toys. Until then, here's hoping we'll continue on this path!

James is absolutely the sweetest brother. He worries about where Will is almost all the time. He asks me when I'm nursing if I need a burp cloth. He tries to help me nurse. *Ahem.* He wants to burp Will. He wants to push Will's swing. He likes to kiss and hug and hold. I can tell the newness is wearing off, but he still just loves him. If you've been around the two in real life, you know that James is a tad protective. He will very quickly let you know that Will is his baby and that he will NOT be going home with you. James doesn't play about that. Ha! So far there hasn't been any jealousy or meanness (on purpose).

I did leave Will on the sofa for a quick minute the other day while I ran into my bedroom and when I came back James had crawled up so their heads were opposite and he'd placed his feet on Will's tummy. He's definitely a little more rough than he ought to be, but he's just two-and-a-half.

As far as how I'm feeling...just busier. I sleep from about midnight or one until 6 or 7 (usually) with no interruptions. I don't shower as early in my day as I'd like. I feel like I'm running in a few different directions. Everything takes much, much longer than it used to. And my house, as I mentioned, is a wreck. But I don't feel like I'm drowning like I did the first go 'round. I do feel a tad guilty because I know that Will isn't being doted on like James was...but Will is SO darn laid back about life. And it's lovely!

I've not actually gotten out into the world with both boys yet by myself much. For a few reasons - first, I hardly ever ran my major errands with James anyway. Eddie is usually the grocery store man these days (since the beginning of pregnancy when food was DISGUSTING...) so if I ever go to the grocery store it's just a quick trip in and out either by myself or just with Will while James is at school. I've also run most of my other errands while James has been at school. Second, my mama is here about once a week. So she loads up with us and the four of us get out and about. Or I go by myself like I did yesterday. Either way, I haven't gone out with two alone. I have learned to use my stroller a lot more than I did with James. I just put Will in his stroller at stores with stupid small carts and off we go!

With school ending next month we'll be going out a good bit more as the three of us. I've figured out (mostly) which carts I can put Will's huge car seat in and still sit James in the seat and we have the double stroller now, so that will help, too.

We're settling into this new normal and doing great. I couldn't have asked for it to go any better. (Unless, of course, I hired a new maid.)

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