Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend...Picture Overload!

We had another great, busy weekend! On Thursday afternoon, YaYa picked James up for a little two night spend-the-night party. We spent the morning getting him ready to go for that.

See if you can tell what I packed versus what James packed...

My plan was to leave and run errands as soon as James left and be home in time to go to our church's Maundy Thursday service. Well. Laura got stuck in traffic on her way down and wound up being a little late to pick James up so that pushed us back just a bit. Then, as soon as Will and I stepped into Target, the bottom fell out of the sky. We got what we needed and then wandered around (we could hear the rain and thunder through the roof at Target) for as long as I could make Will tolerate. I stood in the jewelry section for a while watching the rain through the doors with Will SCREAMING. Finally, I decided I had to make a run for it. Will hadn't eaten well and I didn't have a paci. And since it was raining we really couldn't go anywhere else. All that to say that with the bad weather and Will's eating schedule being off, we wound up NOT going to the church service. We were a little pushed for time and I would've had to get up halfway through to feed Will. :(

Instead, we went out to eat late and Will took his first trip to Lowe's! I'm a little amazed it took that long to get him there! Ha!

Friday Eddie was off work and we were BUSY. Eddie got up and left around 8 to take my car to have the brakes seen about. The place that changes my oil said they needed to be changed but Eddie was a little unsure about it. He took it to another man on Friday and, lo and behold, he says I have several thousand miles left on them. Hmmm.

I picked Eddie up from the car place and we went and had breakfast out. That was a fun treat! We spent a good bit of the rest of the day rearranging and organizing our office. We had (have) stuff just stuffed in there and it's out of control.

I also spent part of the day looking for an Easter dress. I'm not sure about your experiences with post-birth weight loss, but even if you lose all of your weight (and I lost it within a week or two), that does not mean that anything FITS. I was so discouraged this weekend when I was shopping. It is FRUSTRATING. So...a friend and I set a mileage goal for the week and I'll be walking/running that. :)

Friday we'd planned to go out but realized we had way too much to finish at our house. Instead, Eddie picked up from a restaurant we love but we can't eat there anymore because it's Asian and they have several cashew dishes. Since James is with us 99.9% of the time, we can't set foot in there with him! And then we stayed up until 2 working on cleaning the office. Fun times.

Saturday we continued the clean up around the house. I didn't even get to do any real cleaning because we were working so hard on other projects. James will be having another spend-the-night as soon as we have a break in weekend plans. Papa and YaYa brought him home around 2 on Saturday and I'm not sure he was thrilled to see us.

Here's what James was up to while he was in Roswell:

Saturday evening we went shoe shopping for James. That was a fun experience. I was so frustrated and worn out when we left that shoe store! But...he has two new pairs of that fits now and one so that we don't have to go back when he outgrows these. :)

After we got home James and I dyed Easter eggs outside. This was the first time we'd done this and it was fun but I sort of rushed through it since we didn't even start until 8pm. :) It'll be more fun next year and we'll be able to be a little more creative.

Sunday morning we went to church and Sunday School. The Easter Bunny visited our house while we were gone to church. I sure wish he could continue that tradition every year, but something tells me that once James knows a little more about it, he'd be disappointed if he arrived at church and everyone else had already gotten their Easter baskets. James and Eddie both had a basket (although the Easter Bunny was supposed to put a new book in Eddie's basket and he{she} forgot to pick it up at the Post Office) and Will had things that wouldn't fit in an Easter basket so his were just wrapped. The Easter Bunny brought me a few fun things as well that he {she} picked up at Target on Thursday. :)

It wouldn't be Easter without some pictures like these, right?



We all took excellent naps after lunch and during the Masters. (How about THAT, by the way? Go Dawgs! Eddie was pulling for Bubba the whole time while I stuck with my typical, Phil. I was very pleased with the outcome, though! Another lefty!) James woke up from his nap in a GREAT mood. He even snuggled with me instead of kicking Will out of Eddie's chair like he normally does. (He got TWO spankings before church so we weren't sure WHAT his attitude would be like.) Then the Trains came over around five for the bigger babies to hunt Easter eggs. It was a pretty uneventful egg hunt (they were way more interested in playing with the Easter grass...) but it was so nice to sit outside and catch up with them since we hadn't seen them in so long. James and Anne Margaret played better together than they ever have before. I think they're finally figuring out how to play together.

I hope Lauren got some good pictures because I only got the tops of their heads as they reached for eggs. Apparently I was too busy talking to take decent pictures. Except this one (and decent is debateable...):

We have a few doctor's appointments this week, school is back in, and we have another BUSY weekend coming up. Looking forward to it all!


Anna Catherine said...

Oh my! James got TOO big between 2011 and 2012! So glad to see baby Will is putting on the weight! haha!

Mom took about 20 pictures of Lance and I on Easter and I sorta like one. haha! You look great, but trust me, the good thing about having a baby in the picture is that no one really looks at the grown up people anymore! haha!

Lauren said...

I just busted out laughing at that last picture. James looks precious and my hair looks like I could easily pass for a lion in the Atlanta zoo.

kellimoss said...

Good gravy, your boys are too cute! I came over from Kelly's blog. I have an almost 4 year old, a 2.5 year old, and a 3 month old...all boys. My 2.5 year old is dealing with a peanut allergy, not near as severe as your son's, but still scary. Prayers for him! Have a good weekend :)