Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Egg SCRAMBLE!

Yesterday was James' Easter Egg Hunt at school. It was CHAOTIC. I almost didn't make it on time. Will needed to eat right before we left and took a sweet forever to finish. I was supposed to pick Eddie up but wound up calling him and telling him to meet me there. I rushed in at five minutes 'til twelve and gave James his basket and then headed outside to watch and help him. Want to know how quickly it was over? We were in the car headed to lunch by 12:15! Ha! Two year olds are serious about hunting Easter eggs!

He was much more interested in his candy. (And yes, egg hunting and the candy involved makes me panic! Fortunately, we've learned a bit more about James' allergy this week which has made me feel a teensy bit better AND we're seeing a new allergist on Monday and I expect to feel even better after that!)

After Eddie got home he mowed the grass and then I took the boys outside for some pictures since they were in cute new spring clothes. You'll see that cooperation was hard to come by. (No children were harmed in the taking of these photos. Daddy was close by to rescue a baby.) (Please notice Will's face in is clear that he knows he needs to fear for his life with James around.) (Also please notice the quick flight James takes when he decides he's finished. We have to watch that boy when he's holding Will!)

The boys and I took a quick walk this morning and we have plans for some chalk on the patio later today.

We let James wear big boy underwear for a while last night and while he forgot twice to tell us he needed to go, I'm probably going to keep at it over the weekend and through next week with Spring Break. The pediatrician mentioned the other day that I have got to get him out of diapers. And I KNOW that he's been ready for quite sometime...but I've been a little busy. (I was QUICK to point that out to Dr. W. Don't be concerned that I just let him fuss!) So we'll see if we can't make a move toward undies!

We're hoping to see some friends tomorrow and hunt more Easter eggs on Sunday after church! Fun times! Y'all have a great weekend!

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love the pictures!!!