Monday, April 2, 2012

Tifton Trip, Blue Grass Music, and Egg Huntin'...

We were at the allergist's office for three hours this afternoon so I'm just now sitting down to post our Weekend Update. It was a scheduled appointment, nothing out of the ordinary. We decided to seek advice from another doctor and we are SO glad. I'll tell all about that tomorrow.

So last Friday I took the boys out on my first solo neighborhood stroll. Since we've acquired a double stroller I decided I needed to put it to good use! I huffed and puffed my way around the neighborhood with my two buddies:

Hopefully my two little trainers will start whipping me into shape!

Friday night the big boys ran to Lowe's and made a quick trip by Shane's Rib Shack on the way home. This little chub looks like he chowed down on barbecue, ribs, and macaroni and cheese, but he did not!

Also on Friday we got this prize in the mail:

This is for Will's room and is a 16x20 I believe. It's propped on top of his crib but will hang over his bookshelf instead. Let me tell you a little secret about canvases: wait for the sale. :) I ordered this one from with a Plum District deal I bought Friday a week ago. The original price is $129. The Plum District deal was $29. I had a $10 off coupon for Plum District so I wound up paying right around $20 for it. Not too shabby! I've also ordered from and like them as well! (This is NOT a paid promotion. Just sharing where we've shopped!)

On Saturday morning after the big boys took Scout to the vet, we headed to Tifton for a party that we actually wound up not going to. :/ We stopped by to see Grandmama for a while and I snapped this picture of the biggest and the littlest:

After we left Grandmama's house we went to visit Cacky, Poppy, Anna, and Lance. It was fun! I enjoyed it so much I didn't want to leave and go to the party! :) We had dinner with them and then headed home around 9:30. I cannot believe that the only picture of Will's first trip to Tifton is the one above. With James we took pictures of him with every person and every pet. Ha!

Sunday morning we got up and got going a little slower than normal. Because our church's Easter Egg Hunt was after the 11AM service (we usually go to 9AM) the big boys got to leave a little later! They got up and headed off and Will and I stayed home to make macaroni and cheese to take to the cover-dish luncheon. We got there just in time for that. We had such a fun time eating lunch with the Ellerbees and hunting eggs after it was over! James thoroughly enjoyed the blue grass much so that he got up from his chair a time or two JUST to dance. :) He's a silly one!

I got SO tickled about this picture. MC was having a teensy meltdown after the egg hunt was over and James just could not figure out what was going on. This is as close as he'd get to MC and MJ. Ha! They are SO cute!

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