Wednesday, August 24, 2011

James at Twenty-Two Months...

I cannot BELIEVE we're only two months away from the second birthday. You'll all be shocked and amazed that I haven't even started working on his birthday party yet. Aside from knowing the date and the theme, nothing is planned. I should probably try to nail down our location! (Because of this post, I called MaraDare to pencil us in to use the Activities Center as our back-up location!)

James weighs around 28 pounds and is probably 34 inches tall.

He has just moved up to a size 5 diaper.

He gave up his paci (fingers crossed!) two days before he hit twenty-two months.

James is in size 2T and his newest shoes are a little big at size 6.5 Lots of growing room! (Sidenote: I am TICKLED because I bought a pair of John Deere boots {plain brown pull-ons} on Zulily yesterday for a whopping $0. Woohoo! They were originally $56, marked down to $13.99 and I had a $30 credit that paid for tax and shipping! Yes!) James LOVES to wear his own shoes, wear other people's shoes, and insist that everyone have their shoes on!

I'm pretty sure he has ALL his teeth for two years old. I haven't been able to count, but those molars are there! He likes the idea of brushing his own teeth, but when it comes down to it, he's not a fan. In the mornings I let him brush his own teeth sitting on my bathroom floor. At night he brushes his own first and then he sits in my lap, I sing, and Daddy brushes. It's difficult to make it through without tears.

James goes to bed sometime around 9pm every night and usually sleeps until 8am (unless we have to get him up to go somewhere). He'll still take a morning and afternoon nap (and often NEEDS both) if we're home and are able to do that. If not, he's good on one mid-afternoon nap.

He's gotten SO much better about trying new foods. Our big thing right now is that he doesn't have to eat something, but he needs to lick it to see what it tastes like. :)

James' vocabulary has EXPLODED over the last month. While not everything is sweet, I am glad he's verbalizing a bit more!

* "Daddy, boog!" (Daddy, there's a bug! Get it!)
* "No, Mama!" (His answer to most everything these days.)
* New animal sounds this month - moo,
* "A baby!" (In his belly button or in my belly button.)
* "Hi, baby!" (When he sees another child.)
* "I nee Mama" or "I nee Daddy" (when he wakes up from a nap - I need Mama or Daddy)

He's learning to count to ten right now. He gets a few of them right. I'll start out and say - One, two, three, four, {he gets five, six, sometimes seven, and eight} and I finish nine and ten!

He's learning his A, B, Cs, but can only sing A and B in the song.

His favorite songs to sing are "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee," "The Wheels on the Bus," "The B-I-B-L-E," and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." He LOVES to sing and will make up his own tunes - especially in the car when the radio is on.

He is losing more and more of the baby look. He has gotten SO independent and helpful around the house. He's sweet, but I the terrible twos are definitely upon us and I think we're seeing a glimpse of raising a teenager. I must hear "NO!" over 100 times a day. (My mama is thinking, "PAYBACK!")

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Anna Catherine said...

I got him to tell me what a lion says the other day too! And he is one heavy stinker (especially when he was asleep and I put him in the pack-and-play)!