Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gender Prediction...

I haven't been nearly as worried or uptight or anxious about finding out this baby's gender as I was with James. I'm assuming that's because I don't have all the time in the world this time around to sit and think about it. Eddie and I talked names on the way home from Atlanta the other day and while we came to some conclusions on a few things (for instance, we have a girl's name - either first or middle and we're certain about a boy's middle name), we're not nearly there yet. Plenty of time, though!

I did gender prediction with James online and using Old Wives' Tales and thought I'd do it again for this go 'round. To see James' results, click HERE. I think it was pretty much split down the middle.

According to the Chinese Gender Chart, we're seeing: PINK (same with James...)
According to the Old Wives' Tales Gender Prediction Method, there's a 64% chance we're seeing: PINK
Based on our most recent visit and the heartbeat count we got there, we're seeing: PINK
Another quiz at "Just Mommies" told me that we have a 75% chance of seeing: PINK
I'm still thinking BLUE, but the results above are funny to me. We' have less than a week until we find out for sure! (Hopefully!) Maybe then we can think of a more definite name! If you haven't voted in the poll, make a guess! You have a 50% chance of being right! :)
I haven't done the needle/ring test this time, which I've been told is THE only way to predict early. It DID work with James. :)

Make a guess! We're down to five days!

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