Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Update...

When last we left off it was the middle of the night and I'd been up with a sick toddler. Let me just say that last week was mis.er.able. Miserable. Between our air conditioner problems (not lack of, but a leak), a toddler who had learned to climb out of his crib, being sick, and having a sick child, I was ready for a do-over.

Before all of the middle-of-the-night-illness, we gave James a MUCH needed haircut. It's still long enough to curl in back but it is out of his eyes and pretty much off his ears. I gave him a sucker and we put him on his stool in the bathtub. That didn't last long and he wanted me to hold him.

After all of Thursday night/Friday morning's craziness, I finally fell asleep around 5 AM on, only to hear James not long later. Eddie got up (James hadn't gotten sick again) and put him in bed with us. When he got up between 6:30 and 7, James decided to get up with him. Thankfully, Eddie is a saint and let me sleep while he showered and James toddled around the bathroom. Eddie left for work around 7:45 and I'd hoped James would go back to sleep but he was up for the day.

I called his doctor's office as soon as they opened and spoke to a nurse. One of the great things about the practice that we use is that they don't always want you to come in. Yippee! She and I both decided if we could get his head dried up that all of the other symptoms (feeling bad, throwing up, diarrhea) would subside as well. She called us in some sort of decongestant.

James decided he was sleepy mid-morning so he slept from 9:30 to 11:30. This would've been a great time for me to get in bed, too, but I was waiting for the air conditioner man to arrive. He was supposed to get there by 11. I woke James up at 11:30 so he wouldn't sleep all day and not take another nap, but the AC man still hadn't come.

Friday was a lonnnng day. Eddie came home for lunch when the AC man finally arrived - at 2 or 3, I think. I laid in the bed while Eddie watched James. Exhaustion is no fun at all! James and I both took a nap from about 5-6 and when we woke up the AC man was STILL in the attic working. I know it must've been 200* up there. Hopefully it is fixed for good!

We obviously didn't go out on Friday, but chose to stay at home and eat sandwiches instead. We got James to bed a little later than normal because of our late naps, but he had medicine in his system and we had our fingers crossed for a better night.

We all slept until 7:30 on Saturday morning. When we got up we pretty much lazed around the house for a bit before deciding James was feeling a little better and we may as well keep our plans to head to Atlanta. He had a major meltdown about not being able to have milk for breakfast, but other than that he acted like his normal self.

He took an impromptu old-man nap at the table at snack time since we wouldn't let him sleep before we left.

We finally got showered and packed and ready to leave by 1:00. We had to run into town to go to Eddie's office, the post office, the drug store, and to grab lunch before we left so we wound up not leaving until almost 2pm.

Ready to go! He has his cup, sunglasses, book, wubbies, and a cellphone in the cupholder behind the cup!
The whole drive to Atlanta I second-guessed my decision to go. James just looked absolutely pitiful. He looked like he felt miserable and he had a hard time falling asleep. He never cried, he just rested his head on the side of his seat and stared. :( Poor boy!

Once we got into Atlanta, he perked up. We got to Dad and Laura's right around 4 o'clock. We enjoyed walking in the gardens, riding the tractor (AND the lawnmower), picking grapes, and visiting Mr. Billy's goats and chickens. We had dinner later at CPK and that was fun as well! Then we went to visit Me-mommy (Grandmommie) and MiaMia (Mia, her dog). James had a great time!

We were all exhausted Saturday night so we didn't stay up late. James decided he wanted to sleep in Anna's bed (she wasn't there) so he and Eddie laid down on it until they both fell asleep. I woke Eddie up later and we moved James to his pack 'n play. He slept until 6:30 Sunday morning.

We wound up staying much later on Sunday than we'd planned. After Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast we found out Anna and Lance were stopping by for the day. We waited on them to get there so that we could all go to lunch together. Eddie and I probably left around 3.

He LOVES to ride my old spring horse when he goes to Papa and YaYa's. He says "Yee-ha!"

I think he might be looking at Anna's hand and telling her "No, no!"
We headed to Ballard and Ikea to look at a few things and return something we'd bought for James. Can I just say that after my second trip to Ikea in the past few months I officially think it is a NIGHTMARE to shop there? Thankfully this time we didn't have a ton to look for and we knew right where the item we were exchanging was housed. We did browse through the kids' stuff upstairs to see if we could find anything fun. There are WAY too many people there, though. It's just not fun to me. Maybe we should go on a week day well after college has resumed. ??? I don't know how you could make it better, though. Oh well. It's a fun concept! (I kept telling Eddie it reminded me too much of waiting in lines at the airport!)

We headed south after our trip to Ikea and stopped by the Trains when we got back in town. We'd met Lauren's sister at Ikea to pick up some things to take back with us so we made a delivery when we arrived. We had no plans of even going in their house since I'm still sniffly but she asked us to and we wound up staying an hour and a half! Wow! We had a great time chatting with them and watching Champ lick AM to death. :)

Monday I had a "day off" of sorts. James was still in Atlanta and went to "work" with YaYa. She didn't actually work, just visited. She's wanted to take James to work with her since he was born and we're just never in Atlanta on a week day. He got home around 4pm. I tried to get a few things done on my day off but I wasn't very successful.

Today we skipped school again. He had a gross nose again this morning but I think now that his medicine just hadn't kicked in by 9 because it hasn't been bad this afternoon. Maybe by Thursday.... Preschool is expensive when you don't go!

On a positive note, he hasn't had a paci since the middle of the night Thursday night.  Have I lucked up or what???
I'm behind on posts...James was twenty-two months on Saturday and I'm 15 weeks pregnant. Too many milestones at once! :)

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oh my heavens. old man nap pictures are HYSTERICAL and the most precious thing I have seen all day!!