Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ick and Yuck.

Yesterday morning when I woke up I couldn't open my eyes. They were puffy and goopy and I had to pry them open to see. Ick. It was my day to teach so I scrambled and went down the sub list. I couldn't find anyone, but our director did NOT want my pink-eyed self to come in, so she scrambled and thankfully found someone to love on the babies for me. I dropped the boys at school and went home. I didn't feel bad at ALL, but I had a hard time seeing yesterday and wearing my glasses all day made my head hurt! My prescription is fine, but I think they need to be adjusted so it takes some effort to keep them on my face {like I'm wiggling my ears or something, but holding that position}. Ugh. Bad day. I was SO lazy all day long and although I cleaned out our master closet, I didn't do ANYTHING else.

This morning James woke me up and told me he needed to potty. This isn't unusual, as my children always feel the need to let me know when they're going to the bathroom, so I didn't think much about it. A minute later I heard him crying and calling me. I walked in and he'd gotten sick. SO. There's been a lot of time spent in the bathroom today, a lot of cleaning up accidents, and a lot of just yuck. It has been interesting, to say the least. I gave both boys FOUR probiotics this morning {the dosage you get when your system is out of whack} and Eddie and I each took one, too. {We do take them regularly, but I doubled the boys' dosage today.} And now...we wait. Will it continue? Will it get worse? Will it hit the rest of us? Unfortunately, it has thrown off all weekend plans - the boys were headed to Papa and YaYa's - but we'll reschedule that and instead spend some time at home. If you know me, you know the stomach virus is like the LAST thing on earth {minor sickness-wise, I mean} that I want to have hit my household. I live in fear of it. I would take a stomach virus vaccine if they had it {and we don't take the flu shot, so that's saying something!}. Y'all pray for us!

Ick and yuck!

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Simply LKJ said...

Ok, a girlfriend of mine who is a nurse told us the other day that if you or a loved one has been exposed to the stomach bug to drink 2 glasses of 100% pure grape juice for 2 days. She says it works everytime to keep it a bay. It is hitting the preschool around here hard!!