Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up.

I'm happy to report that we're hanging in there on the mend! I got a tiny touch of whatever James had, but we tried to make the best of our "Weekend o' Quarantine!" Sounds exciting, huh? The reality is that there has been a lot of this:

Yep. Tents in the backyard. You gotta do what you gotta do when the walls start closing in. We connected them {sort of} so that they could go back and forth without getting out. This didn't last long. Two potty trips later James decided he was over it.

James was super clammy Thursday night so I don't know if he had a little fever and it broke or what. He got up around 1:30 and told me he felt sick again so he camped on our floor. Last night {Friday night} he woke up around 1:30 again and was very, very emotional. He cried and told us his head hurt so I gave him some Advil. We were up for a bit with him. He was sad about missing going to Papa and YaYa's this weekend, but said several times that he was so glad he wasn't already there when he got sick and that he just wanted to be home so that made me feel not so guilty about changing their plans. :( He has been up under me since Thursday morning. Literally sitting as close to me as he could. Lol!

I headed to the Redbox to pick up a movie for the boys and for Eddie and me yesterday. There has been a LOT of TV watching/iPad playing over the past 48+ hours. A LOT. I am LOVING my reunited relationship with Redbox, though. I got Big Hero 6 for the boys (and maybe me) and Gone Girl for Eddie and me. Eddie hadn't seen it yet and didn't know anything about it. The movie started skipping halfway through and you can't just not finish that movie so we wound up re-renting it on Amazon. $$$! The boys LOVED Big Hero 6. James has already asked if we can buy it.

Changing topics...I was never a big Easter fan as a kid (not the Christian holiday - I like that part...I'm talking the bunny, the baskets, the eggs, etc.). I don't know why I didn't like it much except maybe because there wasn't much lead-up and it wasn't a big deal and I don't like normal Easter foods? I don't know. I LOVE it as a grown-up, though. My plan was to get my Easter stuff out this weekend but we'll see how that plays out. It may be sometime mid-week next week. We have so much going on in the next few weeks and it's exciting! A few out-of-town trips planned, a few egg hunts, a couple of other Easter-related events on the calendar! Yippee! The bunny might have shared with me recently that he's already ready to visit James and Will. Last year we asked him to come on Saturday, but I think this year we'll see if he can come while we're at church. We go to early church so trying to get ready AND look at our Easter baskets doesn't work well. I'm also pretty excited about some of our Sunday School plans for Easter. The kids in my class are so much fun! I never knew I'd enjoy teaching Sunday School as much as I do! I can't decide whether to promote with James next year or request Will's class. I don't know...

I can't wait to pull out this door hanger that I made last year!

My sister is having a Stella & Dot / Jamberry party in a few weekends and I'm really excited about it. One of my best buds is joining me for Stella & Dot. I am LOVING some of the pieces she has right now. LOVING them.

And of course I'm loving some fun spring/summer designs from Jamberry.

So the CRAZIEST thing happened this week. We saw an alligator at the entrance to our subdivision. I think I mentioned that on my favorites post. Eddie has a co-worker that lives on the lake here and he asked him about it. The man said that he has them in the lake ALL the time and that they eat the baby geese in the nests along the banks. AHHHH! I'm not sure I'd be okay with them if we lived on the lake. We're about two blocks away so I don't think it will be an issue. {A neighbor did say that they've had them in the pond on our street before. That's fairly close and we just walked around it this morning on our bike ride/walk.}

Speaking of bike riding...James is thisclose to having his training wheels taken off! He's excited about it. One of them came loose today and he was able not to fall off, but to catch himself. He is going to have to pick up the pace to learn, though! He is a stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of guy!

The boys didn't nap this afternoon. I did, though! I have battled a headache/neckache for two days so Eddie let me lay down on the sofa after lunch today and he kept the boys in their room. They didn't sleep, though. Tonight after supper we bathed them, put them in their jammies, brushed their teeth, and took them over to Grandmama and Granddaddy's to feed the dogs {our chore this weekend}. The boys and I didn't get out, but they both fell asleep on the way home at 8:30! That is EARLY for my kids to be OUT. I was thrilled. Then Eddie fell asleep on the sofa. I watched two movies he had absolutely no interest in, browsed the internet for cross body bags {they're like an elusive unicorn...I can't find what I want!}, and ordered James some new Sperry's. And now I'm finishing this! It has been such a quiet night!

Hoping tomorrow will be another low-key day. We haven't gotten anything accomplished this weekend {and we had a BIG list}, but we've relaxed and enjoyed being home!

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