Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Update.

We had such a fun weekend!

Friday afternoon Eddie came home from work {fairly early! 5:30!} and we had leftover chicken tacos for dinner. Mexican is our love language around here. I wish it loved me like I love it. James is also a huge Mexican fan. He always tells me I'm "...such a good chef!" when I cook it. We were able to go to sleep fairly early on Friday! Eddie has been going back to work after supper at night during the week, so the fact that we could eat, put the boys to bed, and go to sleep was FANTASTIC. You'd think I'd married an accountant with the hours he's put in lately. {Just kidding...I am!} He has been quick to remind me that I would SUFFER if he was working a real tax season. I am not cut out for that. I miss him when I'm home alone!

On Saturday we spent the morning lazing around and then Eddie decided we needed to GET GOING. I am a lazy home-body and he is on-the-go. We got ready and went on a quick train ride before picking up lunch and having a picnic in the front yard. It was so much fun!

While the boys napped, Eddie and I had a little at-home date. Eddie's Sunday School class {I don't go because I teach James' class} is doing the Fireproof/Love Dare series. We borrowed the movie from a friend over the weekend and watched it. We are big fans of the Sherwood Baptist movies anyway {Facing the Giants and Courageous are two of their others}, but I think this one might have been my favorite. Eddie did not sit down for the whole movie. He was folding laundry but then he got into the movie and just stood there watching. It was so funny. We thoroughly enjoyed it! I think the series is going to be good!

After the boys napped we went to Cacky's for a little tricycle riding and "skewtering." {James likes to ride his "skewter," not "scooter."} The boys started bickering {and Mr. Will has learned to pout and cross his arms over his chest - HILARIOUS} so we ate a quick snacky supper and headed home for bed!

Sunday was church {which I missed because someone who showers before me couldn't get going on that lost hour...I did enjoy my 45 minutes of a quiet house while the boys went, though!} and Sunday School. We ran home as quickly as possible {not literally ran, you understand} and got ready to drive to Macon and meet Papa and YaYa for lunch.

Last Monday was Dad's 60th birthday! We had the plague so I called but we did not ship a gift or a card or anything for fear of sending stomach bug germs their way. We decided instead to meet for lunch yesterday at my favorite Mexican place in the whole state of Georgia. {I didn't pick it! I let the birthday boy tell us where to meet them! Lucky coincidence!} The boys were well-behaved and we had such a fun afternoon eating and walking around with them. The boys started fading around 4:30 so we loaded them up and headed home! {After a stop to Old Navy, Target, and our old house.}

And THEN, to top the weekend off, THERE'S MORE DAYLIGHT. You people that complain about losing an hour are crazy. Put your big girl undies on and get excited! It means more playing outside! It means it's light out when Eddie gets home! It means grilling! It also means we're about to get REAL busy since it brings t-ball season and all the other fun outside things we sign ourselves up for. {And y'all. Speaking of t-ball. I asked Will if he's excited to watch James play t-ball this year and he said, "NO, Mama. Me." Ummm...he can't play for TWO MORE YEARS and this born-ball-playing-little-boy may be no fun to control at the ballpark this year.}

What a fun weekend we had! A few meltdowns here and there, a little bit of disobedience, but nothing that stopped us from having fun! Next weekend is sure to be more of some fun times as well! We have exciting plans!

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