Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday.

I'm late with this today because I laid down after the boys at naptime today and wound up sleeping for almost 3 hours. Poor James got up and I turned on the tv for him and he watched while I slept next to him. I almost never nap so I must have been I'm still ready for bed right now at 7:15.

1. Today was James' Teddy Bear Tea Party at school. He took one of Eddie's shirts and ties to dress up. When I picked him up he declared tea parties, "BORING." I've teased him all day about planning a tea party birthday. HA. He is adamant that he doesn't want that at ALL.

2. I got my hair colored today. Say it with me - Hallelujah and Amen! It had been since December and I do not have naturally light hair. Look at how awful it was! I think I'm going to go back a little darker next time...I say that every time, though. She also cut an inch off the ends. Hopefully it'll help make it lighter. My hair gets long and heavy quickly.

3. I think I've mentioned that Eddie and I have started Financial Peace University at our church. I've THOROUGHLY enjoyed it even if I still have no idea how to deal with numbers. Our weekend homework is to create a cash flow chart {Where is our money going? Old Navy and Target. Mmmhmmm.} and a spending plan. Eddie and I almost NEVER argue so I am not at all concerned about that, but it might make my head hurt. It's going to be eye opening for sure.

4. March is busy yet again! A trip to Macon, a beach trip, a 5K, and a wedding. I'm not complaining! All fun things! We think we may go ride the train tomorrow morning. We're hoping it will be a little warmer tomorrow!

5. Our Lent projects are still coming along ok. We're getting the reading done and have been working on our cards {the ones that tell us our little mission for the day}. I found three other blog posts about Lent that I enjoyed. Here go you! HERE and HERE and HERE.

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