Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Influenster VoxBox: Braun Thermometer

I was a lucky girl this past month. I received not one, but TWO Influenster VoxBoxes to review. {If you're in need of an Influenster invite, let me know!} Influenster is a fabulous company that sends out complimentary products for review.

Okay, so the first VoxBox that I received contained a serum from Meaningful Beauty. I wasn't crazy about it, to be honest. It was pretty smelly. It did go on smooth, but after a month of using I am no closer to having Cindy Crawford's skin. It's not something I'd pick up at the store after my sample runs out.

The second VoxBox I received contained a Braun Temporal Thermometer. I'll go ahead and admit that I am not crazy about temporal thermometers. I just haven't found that they're very accurate. This shipment came at the perfect time because after I received it last week I have, of course, had boys sick for three days in a row.

The things I LOVED about it: The directions are clearly displayed on the thermometer itself. No scrambling for directions in the middle of the night. You turn on the power, press down and hold the start button and swipe it from brow to temple and back. It's absolutely EASY to use and my kids {who are not fans of a thermometer under their tongue} don't mind it at all. Another thing that is AWESOME is that the display is large and lit so it's easy to read at night AND it is lit by a color that corresponds with the temperature. A normal temp reads green, a little above reads yellow, and a lot above reads red. Loved that.

The things I DON'T LOVE about it: Just like other temporal thermometers I've used, I feel like there's a "warming up" period of use. If my child is burning up with fever and I swipe it and it reads 99.1 I KNOW it isn't correct. If you continue to swipe a few more times you'll find {or I did} that the temperature will climb. It's just a little inconsistent.

The Verdict: If I was going to go to the store and purchase a thermometer, I would choose a normal digital thermometer or an ear thermometer. I think Braun is a fabulous brand, but the temporal thermometers are just not for us. {I SHOULD point out that temporal brands are completely acceptable forms of thermometers - our previous pediatrician used them in his office.}

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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