Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Four Santas.

We have always, always gone to see the Bass Pro Santa in Macon since James was born. The first three years were the same Santa and then the fourth year it was a new Santa. I was disappointed, but Bass Pro does it up right. I've always been impressed. When we moved an extra hour away I was disappointed that we might not get to see Santa. We DO have a weekend we'll be traveling soon that we could stop, but we likely won't have to as James has had the MOST opportunities to see Santa Claus this year that it's absolutely crazy.

Santa #1  {aka "Randy Claus"}
My mama has one brother who has one on Mom's side I only have ONE first cousin and he's about 16 years older than me. I'm really closer in age to HIS children than I am to him. There's nothing to this story except to say that Randy's wife is a photographer nearby and every year she talks him into posing as Santa for pictures. :) Last year I didn't know he'd be Santa so we didn't sign up but THIS year I was prepared and we found out way in advance. We knew we'd be a little chattier with this Santa than most so I went ahead and filled James in that this was Randy, not the "real" Santa. We went to see Randy Claus last Saturday and James still really thought he was the real deal. I think the suit just totally threw him for a loop even after we'd told him who was in it. Will wanted NOTHING to do with Santa at first but we finally did get him to sit in Santa's lap and he was FINE. Fifth year of no tears for our boys. {The EASTER BUNNY, however, is TOTALLY scary.}

Santa #2 {aka "The Brown and White Beard Santa"}
Grandmama wanted to take the boys to a local store that was having an open house and carriage rides with Santa on Sunday afternoon. I didn't go, but James informed me that, "He wasn't the real Santa, either. He had a brown and white beard." {Salt and pepper colored!} The boys got to ride with Santa in a horse-drawn carriage and James has been hung up on the fact that he didn't get to ride up front with the driver. He's told me several times, "Maybe next year."

Santa #3 {aka "The REAL Santa"}
After our church's children's musical they had a Pancakes with Santa breakfast. It was FUN. Not many people were there {really just the kids involved in the program + us...whoops!} so we go to see Santa VERY quickly. This Santa is the one whom I've told James is the REAL DEAL. It's hilarious because it's a local man who has daughters Eddie's age so his family has known "Santa" forever. He's AWESOME, though. We'll see him again for the Polar Express here. And funny sidenote, I was driving home the other day and saw The REAL Santa jogging down the street. He's apparently training for a Disney Half Marathon, but to see "Santa" in running shorts and compression socks made me laugh!

Santa #4 {aka "School Santa"}
On Wednesday both boys went to school and both were thrilled that Santa would be visiting their classrooms. I warned them both ahead of time so they wouldn't be caught off guard and apparently they were both THRILLED to see him. I mentioned before that Will told me in code that the sat in Santa's lap and took a picture. Sweet boy! {James was quick to tell me that this was an entirely NEW Santa...we've just said that these are all Santa's helpers and he's been fine with that explanation.}

So there you go. So far, our boys have seen Santa FOUR times {well, Will is down one because he didn't see The REAL Santa on Sunday night} and will see him at least once more in the next few days. Christmas is SO much fun this year!

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Lauren said...

Randy Claus totally cracked me up! Multiple Santa's must be the theme this year...we have seen him twice and Mrs. Claus once. I am pretty sure that yall need to drive to the REAL Bass Pro Santa though. Your car can detour at my exit too. Just sayin.