Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday.

I've been terrible with pictures this week and I am RUSHING this morning so that I can get a few things done and get showered and *hopefully* by the eye doctor {please call and tell me my glasses are ready, people!} before picking up the boys from school and running James to get a haircut. Whew! This week has been a doozy {not in a bad way, just in a LOTS to do way} and next week promises to be worse because of Christmas parties, etc. I also just realized my BABY is 22 months old today. How are we just two short months away from a SECOND birthday party? Hope y'all have a great weekend!

1. This week has been the week of appointments for me. I cannot remember the last time I saw the eye doctor or the dentist (yikes!) so I saw both (because Eddie told me if I didn't go this year he was taking me off the insurance) this week. My eyes have changed yet again and I have been blessed with the worst pair of still working eyes ever. Okay, probably not, but they are BAD. My prescription in my left eye is so bad that they don't even move up in quarter increments anymore - just halves. Awesome. I've been wearing the same pair of glasses since the summer I got married and just making do. I wore my brand new contacts for ONE day and put my glasses on that night and could no longer see out of them. I had NO IDEA what an investment glasses were. Merry Christmas to me! Thankfully I've got new eyes...maybe my headaches will go away? And I think my glasses are sort of cute, so there's that.

2. Our house is totally decorated and ready to be photographed. I'll share pictures of our decorations next week + our Christmas cards!

3. I'm dreaming of a new home in which to put a million Christmas trees next year. I'm a Christmas tree/ornament nut. If ever you don't know what to get me for Christmas, just find an Old World Christmas ornament for my tree and I'll be giddy! I already did three trees in our old house - den, dining room, James' room - but I'm thinking of adding another two next year. Will needs one in his room, of course, and possibly a playroom tree...a kitchen tree...the list goes on and on. If you're interested in seeing my dream home all dressed up for Christmas, just take a look at what Amanda at Dixie Delights has done in her home. Say it with me. Dream home.

4. Will, Mr. Non-Verbal, has started trying to talk a LOT more lately, but he still communicates mostly in code. I asked him on Wednesday if Santa came to school (he did) and Will said, "Yea!" then patted his lap. I asked if he sat in his lap and he said, "Yea! Cheeeeese!" Think they took a picture of him? I am not at all worried that he doesn't have nearly the vocabulary that James had at this age. He is an excellent communicator! He's also GREAT at obeying commands. If ever I ask him to get something for me or take something somewhere he is a pro. He does this better than James!!! {And let's not get started on how he's already better than James with a fork and spoon. Ha! He's been a self-feeding champ for quite sometime!}

5. We don't have a ton of new Christmas jammies in our house this year. And a certain little someone has decided to strip himself down if he knows how to get out of his jammies so a LOT of the ones that fit Will are not usable. Here are some of my favorites from years past, though. Look at my sweet babies!

{2011 on the left, 2012 on the right.}


ap said...

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! My first time checking out your blog and my heart melted over the sight of your sweet boys.

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

Christmas pajamas melt me!!! What a beautiful family you have! What a blessing! happy, merry weekend to y'all!!! xx

berryman said...

OH MY GOSH i am so with you on the trees. I was thrown a christmas wedding shower so I tell Jay all the time our house is to small for Christmas. Every year there are things I don't get out because we simply don't have room unless I literally move EVERYTHING out of our living room!!!

PS-I am not going to take offense to "next week will be worse because of christmas parties" since the annual dinner is technically the week after :) hope you can make it!

PPS-I know you really didn't mean "worse" in a bad way…just a busy way :) love you!