Thursday, November 28, 2013


I have been a busy lady this week ALL ON MY LONESOME. We went to the lake with Dad and Laura last weekend (more on that fun trip when it's not almost midnight) and Eddie and I came home sans children. They spent two-and-a-half days at Papa and YaYa's house and I picked them up this afternoon at Aunt Susie's (it's right about halfway for us and it's always fun to see Aunt Susie, Uncle George, Diane, and Susana!!!). James was heartbroken I was taking him home but I think he's perked up since.

I spent the day Monday making my house look 1,000 times worse than when the boys left. That, my friends, is BAD. I pulled out all of our Christmas stuff and had it strowed (Blogger tells me this isn't a you use the word strowed?! am I just spelling it wrong?) from here to yonder (here's another fun word!). I got our Christmas tree up (yes, early...had to do it while the ornament breakers elves precious angel babies were gone) and some of our decorations out. We are going low-key here this year, friends.

Our normal GIANT tree won't fit in our tiny house so I am using the cheapest tree evah. I bought it for $20 last year to see if I'd like having a second tree (I do...I could even use a third and fourth) and it is OLD but it's getting the job done.

{The aftermath.}

Tuesday I spent the day cleaning up my mess. I got our kitchen and den scrubbed down and James' room looked like the cleaning fairy came and worked her magic. (I cannot WAIT to tell you the story of the Toy Fairy by the of the most hilarious parenting moments EVER and I don't even feel guilty about it.) I got sidetracked mid-afternoon and never picked up steam again so Will's room is half-done and our breakfast room/playroom, bathrooms, and master bedroom are disasters. I'll get those done some day, though.

I mentioned we picked up the boys today. Mama and I made the trip up and we got a little shopping done along the way. I was grateful she went with me since Will LOST HIS MIND on the trip home.

Afternoon coffee at Cacky's.

James' little broken heart was mended tonight when we got into our jammies, watched half of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and LET HIM DECORATE HIS OWN TREE. He has declared this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER and would not stop talking IN AN OUTSIDE VOICE. He. was. pumped. And I declare four the BEST AGE EVER...except for the whining and talking back stuff. I could do without that. But seriously, this Christmas is going to be COMPLETELY amazing if he keeps up this level of enthusiasm. It might even make up for the fact that Will and his grabby little hands are going to pull the Christmas tree to the floor and break every ornament I own. Baby gates are my friends. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

He took seriously the job of decorating this tree. I slapped some cute football garland and red (ball?) garland on it and he did the ornaments almost totally by himself. He thought he'd leave it on the floor so that Will could touch a tree (what a thoughtful brother!) but then he changed his mind because he's worried the football garland may get ripped to shreds. I need to do an up close of it. It is precious. I want a Georgia helmet for the topper and I will at some point be making him a few burlap ornaments - footballs, Georgia "G's," etc. so that he can take them off and on. He is in love.

Look at that precious face! He wanted to stand next to it and hold some ornaments so y'all would know he'd decorated it himself.

Tomorrow (today!) is Turkey Day and I have made my macaroni and cheese and Pioneer Woman's cranberry sauce and I will also be providing bacon-wrapped green beans and a pretzel pie. I promise you I will be 5 pounds heavier come Friday. I seriously need to walk to Mama's and back. I will fill you in on the details later if everything tastes as it should.

James has big spend-the-night plans with Cacky on Thursday night (this is another part of mending his broken heart), we have plans to see some friends Friday, and I have heard that we might be able to expect our elf, George, on Saturday. And then apparently we are watching football all. day. long. I've finally gotten James to show ALL THE EXCITEMENT for the Bulldawgs and while I'm not saying we're going to win (especially since we're missing poor Aaron Murray...) James HAS let it be known that if we DO win, he's calling Mr. CT4 to sing Glory. (Sidenote to add that {and I should be ASHAMED} I had no idea that Glory is supposed to be sung, "Glory, glory to old Georgia; G-E-O-R-G-I-A!" I mean, I assumed "And to heck with Georgia Tech" wasn't correct...I just didn't know what it really was. Good job, UGA graduate. I also can't sing the alma mater.) James is also excited to be cheering for Florida State and Clemson, but we won't be wearing garnet and gold OR orange and purple on Saturday, I can assure you. I did ask if he's going to wear his jersey and he said he'd, "have to think about that." Wha? Sometimes he says the funniest things.

Y'all have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving Day. I hope that you're able to spend your day with as many family and friends as you can and that you're able to enjoy every minute! See you Friday.


Anna Catherine said...

That pic of him with his ornament is precious!!!

Jackie said...

Yes to strowed! Don't know how to spell it either, though. Maybe strewed? But that doesn't look right either.... It doesn't have squiggly red lines under it though.....

Lauren said...

I am TRYING to keep up with you and get my decor up...tree is bought, some is pulled but it may take me a day or two to catch up! LOVE the pics of James and his tree! Precious! Is the word strewn? Thats what I always say...please tell me I didn't make that word up?? Though it wouldn't surprise me. I am the one who calls it a buggy and says that something "tumps over." #maybeIamfromAlabama?