Monday, December 2, 2013

Go Dawgs!

*** I'm behind on the blog and definitely being a lazy blogger lately, so hopefully I'll get caught up in the next few days. This took place the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving. ***

In our house, we're Georgia fans. And by we, I mean I. I have tried my very hardest to project my feelings for the Bulldogs onto the rest of my household, and for the most part I win, but I'll be honest and admit that James and Eddie are not tried-and-true Dawg fans. {And let's be honest...I have a lot of time to work on James. And Eddie cheers for UGA unless they happen to play Florida State which almost never, ever happens.} However, when it comes to, "Who wants to go to Athens and go to a Georgia game?" everyone raises their hands and yells, "ME!"

I mentioned the idea of taking James to a game {something I've wanted to do since before he was born!} earlier this season and when we looked at our calendar it turned out that the only game we could even get ourselves to would be against Kentucky. Perfect! It would be in mid-November when it's cooler AND it would be a middle-of-the-day game. I assumed tickets would be easy to come by as well, considering the season hasn't been the greatest and Kentucky isn't exactly a tough opponent. Dad has season tickets but only two of them so we'd thought we might just go up and buy an extra and then just squeeze in with us. As it happened, Dad's next door neighbor found four so we were able to sit comfortably and Dad came along as well. And remember the whole "no one would EVER schedule Kentucky as a night game"? Ha. Hahahahaha. 7 o'clock game it is! And it was supposed to be cold and rainy. Greaaaaat.

The rain held off, it was cold but not frigid, and 7 o'clock wasn't terrible because James wound up getting a good nap beforehand.

We left Dad and Laura's place at the lake around 4:30 and stopped by my friend and college-roommate, Mary Beth's, house to pick up a parking pass. Her parents were SO kind to let us borrow theirs. It was AWESOME to be able to arrive in Athens at 5:45 and not have to worry about where we'd park. We strolled through North Campus and pointed out where Granddaddy and Poppy, YaYa, and Anna and I had gone to school {Terry College, School of Law, and Franklin College} and then headed down to the bookstore. After confirming that they were, indeed, open DURING the game we headed to the Student Center to go to the bathroom before making our way across the street to the stadium.

I wanted to make what I knew would be an overwhelming experience lots of FUN for James {it's probably unreal to see that many people in one place for the first time ever! sensory overload!} so we loaded up on tattoos on our way in and the promise of a t-shirt when we went back to the bookstore.

When we arrived in the stadium Eddie and I took James down to the field to watch the players warm up {is it just me, or are the hedges WAY taller than they used to be? have I shrunk in eight years?!} and we caught a glimpse of Coach and Mrs. Dooley as they headed onto the field.

{The old man in the glasses below is Vince Dooley. I posted it on IG (a little more zoomed in than this) and Mom and Laura said they had NO IDEA who it was.}

We made our way back to our seats to watch the band play and the senior night festivities before kick-off. Did anyone else notice how much Aaron Murray and his brother look alike?

Excellent seats! 30 yard line and 51 rows up. 

The game began and James asked when we'd leave. Ha! We fed him in hopes that he'd be occupied for a bit - and he was! He ate 3/4 of Dad's pizza (one BIG piece and half of another!), popcorn, and cotton candy. He was hungry! He cheered some, looked around some, acted silly, and then asked to go. We made it through the Red Coats at halftime and then hit the road.

After a quick trip back to the bookstore for a hoodie and two Uga puppies {thanks, Papa!} we hit the road home. He was asleep before we were on the loop and slept through getting out of the car, into jammies, and into bed!

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