Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Goals - Final Update.

So we didn't finish our whole list of goals. And I knew that we wouldn't. There are a few things on there  - like the campout and the 5 chapter books - that really could technically be marked off. James had a pretend campout in his room and we've read THREE chapter books and could easily knock out two more in the next two weeks because he's all about them lately. We forgot to take our kite to the beach. And then there are things that we just never got around to. I started this list on May 1st and we knocked out a good bit of it, but summer is coming to an end this weekend.

Let me just recap our summer (for the sake of reminding myself how busy we've been this summer - and there are things I haven't even mentioned on the old blog which have REALLY made us busy):

* T-ball every weekend
* Walt Disney World
* Last day of preschool
* Lake Oconee

* James ran Loop the Lake
* Swimming lessons for two weeks
* Kelly got married
* Lake Blackshear - adults only weekend
* Lots and lots of trips to the library
* Farmer's Market

* Allergist
* Palm Coast anniversary trip
* Out of town every. single. weekend.

* Atlanta for YaYa's birthday
* Zoo Atlanta
* Dentist
* Palm Coast
* Preschool began
* Three doctor's appointments for Will
* Poppy's stroke
* Out of town every. single. weekend.

Aside from knowing we'll be back and forth between here and Atlanta for a bit with Mom and Sonny, {maybe} going out of town with some friends one weekend, and trying to get our lives just back in order in general, the next few weeks on my calendar look much, much calmer. But again, we have big things going on with Sonny and big things going on that I haven't mentioned that really, really need to be wrapped up and taken care of soon.

This summer has been ridiculously busy and I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is Labor Day weekend and that signals the start of FALL. I need my children to stay put for a bit - even if I'm back and forth to Atlanta. We need some calm. I need to stop packing suitcases every. single. weekend. Because I am worn slap out from all the go, go, go. I know I sound like I'm whining - and I guess I am a little - but I am just exhausted from life lately.

I know I'll be hitting 75 a good bit for a while but I also have things like teaching Sunday School, two picture sessions booked for Christmas card pictures, James has a birthday coming up, I have a MILESTONE birthday coming up, etc. etc. Those things are going to keep us at HOME and I couldn't be happier about it. Whew!

See ya, summer! Bring it on, fall!

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