Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday.

1. James was the Circle Helper on Tuesday at school. One whole week of school and he was DYING for this job. He has talked and talked about dressing the weather frog for the day and he got his chance. He is LOVING school this year! He's made a sweet new friend whose granddaddy happened to have worked with Grandmama for many years (and I even worked with him!). They've played pirates and monsters on the playground and apparently they are GOOD buddies already. I am THRILLED.

2. A is for...Antlers! At our new school the older kids get to do alphabet show-and-tell this year on Fridays. Grandmama caught wind of this and decided that we needed to get creative. They've already thought up a few fun ones, but this week A is for antlers and James is taking some from Grandmama's house. We think this deer was killed by Eddie's Granddaddy, but we're not 100% sure about it. James is tickled to take this!

3. Georgia jerseys! They fit! They fit! James got his two years ago and this will definitely be his last year in it. Will's is a hand-me-down and not a real Georgia jersey, but it'll do. The boys put them on and immediately started their own football game. Thank goodness college football is back!!!

4. Pumpkin is back! Bath and Body Works have brought back all their fall scents and I got a box full of soap and hand "satizer" in the mail this week. So far, Pumpkin Cupcake is my favorite I think!

5. Pampering! This week I've gotten a cut and color and an eyebrow wax and I went with one of my best girls to get a mani/pedi today. Hallelujah. I honestly think the last time I had a mani/pedi was the week before Will was born. I know. I got a regular pedicure and then did gel nails. It was a bit more expensive, but they look REALLY good!

I have been RUNNING today. Like crazy woman running. Before 9AM I had showered, gotten ready, gotten the boys up and ready and fed, packed bags, dropped the dog off at the vet, dropped books off at the library, and taken the boys to preschool. Yowza! The whole weekend is sure to be the same! See y'all Tuesday! Enjoy your holiday!

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Lauren said...

So glad that he is loving school, but still a bit depressing that yall are so far away!!! Also, when you said you have been running today, I thought you meant outside meant errands. If you find a spare brain while you are out, could you please deliver it to me?