Wednesday, August 28, 2013

UGA Favorites.

The boys are snoozing away and it's almost time to wake them for choir and church supper, but until then I thought I'd round up my favorites for Georgia football. It's a big weekend and I'm pulling out my red and black to support the Dawgs this Saturday!

1. The boys both have jerseys to wear this weekend but this may be James' last year in the one that Kelly gave him for his second birthday. I found this a Target of all places! HERE.

2. I bought myself this hat this summer after my other beloved UGA hat was crushed under the boat seat. I have LOVED this one and Eddie has tried to steal it from me! HERE.

3. This is completely random, but James has a Bulldog Christmas tree. I've searched high and low for a cute topper (apparently the bow just isn't cutting it!) and I think I'm going to top it this year with a mini football helmet. HERE.

4. My very, very, very favorite purse ever comes in Georgia red, too. HERE.

5. These are SO, so cute. Coton Colors has their new collegiate pottery out. I have a Happy Everything mini platter that I can stick this to, or you can use their collegiate platters, or I COULD buy myself that neutral cookie jar I've been coveting. HERE.

6. This dress is what I'm wearing today. It's very, very comfy. Perfect for gameday. HERE.

7. This shirt is also a new addition to my closet and one that I feel like I'll get lots of wear out of this season. HERE.

8. I ordered this scarf this week and I cannot WAIT to get it. Isn't it precious? They had LOTS of states and teams represented. HERE.

9. More red jewelry? Yes, please! This would dress up that dress or shirt perfectly! HERE.

What colors will you be sporting this weekend?

{No affiliate links used. These items are just things I like. No one has asked me to advertise their products here.}

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