Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A List of Random Things.

Do you know what's fun? Trying to maintain a clean home when your 14-month-old learns to climb out of the Pack 'N Play in the den and that was the only thing containing him and helping you keep your sanity. Unfortunately, Mr. William (aka "the monkey") climb himself out of the P'NP on Saturday and Eddie caught him before he bit the dust and might have gotten a head injury. Yea! With James we had "baby jail." Some of you might remember the large eight-sided baby pen we had in our den that kept him corralled while I was in other rooms in our house. Sadly, we have no room for that anymore. If you've not met Will in person you might not know that he goes ninety-to-nothin'. Several people have commented when they first see him that he is the fastest crawler EVER. And I feel like he is. Yesterday I found him fishing in James' potty. Seriously. He had a FISHING POLE cast into the potty. That fishing pole got thrown away because someone hasn't learned to remember to FLUSH THE TOILET, put the lid down, and close the bathroom door. It was just as delightful as it sounds to find Will trying to catch fish in that business. Blech. *Big 'ole sigh* So I've had to start letting Will "help" me clean the house. Which is funny because while I'm putting things away, he pulls things out. I was loading the dishwasher a few minutes ago and I caught him ON the pulled-down door taking plates out. Yea! Okay, this has turned into a full-on post instead of a list but I wanted you to know what I'm workin' with these days!

1. James and I have much-needed HAIRCUTS this afternoon. I can't remember the last time James had one and he keeps swiping his bangs and growling in frustration at them. Eddie hates it when I say that James has "bangs." Is that not manly?

2. Scout is going to get herself kicked to the curb. She keeps digging up Eddie's garden and I'm thinking she may not last much longer. Eeek! I kid, but Eddie is NOT happy to be replanting things that Scout has dug up. I got a few suggestions from Dad yesterday so we'll try to keep her out before we put her in the yard with a "FREE to good home" sign on her.

3. I got new lamps in my foyer and den a few weeks ago and I could not love them more. I needed two buffet lamps for our entryway and an additional lamp in the den and they are the PERFECT additions.

4. I think we need to mark this down as a Christmas miracle. I have PURCHASED and RECEIVED Eddie's anniversary gift from me AND I know what the boys are getting him for Father's Day. If you have met Eddie you probably know what a pain in the butt it is to buy gifts for him. He doesn't WANT anything. I think I've done alright this time, though. The only way I could have done better would be to get Darius Rucker tickets for him but that may have to be a Christmas gift because the money tree is looking a little bare.

5. I'm still working on Pretty Little Liars and I have high hopes that I'll finish before the new season starts. Except that I don't know when the new season starts.

6. I'm working my way through about four different books right now. I know, I know. It's insane. And I haven't been reading much. I need to make myself read before bed every night. What books are on your summer reading lists?

7. I finally got myself a Coton Colors "Happy Everything" tray and I LOVE it. I want one of each of the attachments. I'm trying to talk myself out of "needing" the cookie jar, but I really might "need" it for storing the hundreds of cookie cutters I own!

8. Will is learning to talk! He's had Mama, Dada, bye, hi for a while, but last week he started saying, "Sit, sit, chow!" I know, that's the CRAZIEST sentence to learn, but it's how we get Scout to sit before she eats her supper. James thinks it's FANTASTIC and makes her do it all the time. He says, "Seeeeyut, seeeeeyut, chow!" I need to get a video so you can hear his WAY southern accent. Will started saying, "Si, si, DAH!" last week and he says it ALL THE TIME now.

9. I just had to jump up and run because I looked up and Will was standing nekkid in the den. I told you it's never a dull moment around him.

10. I'm making a dessert today for James' Teacher Appreciation Week at school and I would be lying if I said I didn't want to keep it and eat the whole thing. Eclair Cake is one of my FAVORITES and it is delish.

11. I'm going to have some testing done soon, but we think I may be allergic/intolerant to corn. How random is that? My two favorite snacks are chips and salsa and popcorn. And corn syrup is hidden in so many things. It ought to be interesting!

12. I need to know the best way to "clean up" my iPhone. I have over 1,000 pictures/videos on it. Is the best thing to do just to hook it to my computer and move them over and then delete? What do y'all think?

13. I got several Stella & Dot things in the mail yesterday and I LOVE them all. I have a new bag, two new bracelets, and a pair of earrings and they are fantastic!

14. I have about a million things on my to-do list, so I must run! Y'all have a great day!


The Morrows said...

Sit, Sit, Chow!
I love it!
You have to get him on video saying that :)

pcb said...

About the phone pictures...

I download mine to my computer and then get rid of them on the phone.

On my computer I file my pics by month in folders (ex: 2013-05 May). At the end of every month, I upload that folder to walgreens.com. That way, I have a backup if my computer croaks. They store them for free as long as you order a few prints now and then.

About the fishing in the toilet:

I got nothin'

Bridgett said...

I had 4650 pictures and videos on my iPhone... I know that's extreme! :) I got an external hard drive and added them all to it.

PLL starts back June 11!