Monday, May 6, 2013


We got together with one of my favorite friends, Mary Beth, today. We don't see them very often even though they're only two hours away. We DO, however, talk every week or two and we've kept up with each other for almost twenty-five years! Gracious. Mary Beth's mama and my mama are great friends and I have memories of playing Barbies, pretending to be babysitters from The Baby-Sitter's Club, and having Mi-Lady Bakery doughnuts at their house on Saturday mornings after spending the night. We share a love of Alfred Hitchcock and we've scared ourselves silly watching them in the living room of my mama's house late at night. We were even college roommates! Mary Beth's little girl, Sarah Beth, is not quite a year younger than James. I always love to get them together!

Please ignore the goofy Elmo slippers. Sarah Beth had Cars slippers on, too, but took them off before leaving. ;)

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