Friday, January 4, 2013

This Week.

So what has happened this week? Let's see...

Monday we went to Storytime at the library. It was pajama day but we didn't have any clean ones that were warm enough so we wore clothes. {He'd slept in Halloween jammies or we would've just gone in those!} It was pajama-themed because they were talking about staying up late for New Year's Eve. They read books about New Year's Eve and counted down from ten and threw confetti. He LOVED it.

Tuesday was New Year's Day. Eddie was home from work and while the big boys went to WalMart, this guy got into all kinds of trouble. This is his favorite hiding spot.

Naps all around!

And Hoppin' John for supper! Yum!

One day this week I got tickled because Will could NOT keep his pants on.

I *sniff* worked on *sniff, sniff* a first birthday party. Boooohoooooo.

We went on a walk one night. Look at Grumpy McPouty over there. He wanted to walk the whole two miles. Which would be great if we wanted to go on a two hour walk.

I cleaned out our game trunk {the coffee table} and pulled out the picnic basket. Because who puts a picnic basket in a trunk full of games? That worked twenty games ago. That thing is COMPLETELY FULL. It had to go. Anyway, the boys got into it and I may as well throw all their Christmas toys away.

This morning I had to wake James up at 7:45 and Will at 8:30. Hallelujah and amen. Even better, I woke Will up after almost twelve straight hours of sleep. For him, not me. I waited on him until 1AM and then gave up. Little boy slept all night for the first time in WEEKS. It was probably a fluke. I'll let you know.

James went to school and Will and I ran errands for *sniff, sniff* first birthday party things. Boooohooooo! When we picked James up he was thrilled to tell me that they ICE SKATED in music, but they did not play instruments today. That's all I know.

We laughed a little when we got home because Will got stuck on his pirate ship. He finally rocked back and forth enough to get off. Ha!

{Please note that in the photo above he is shooting me a bird for taking his picture instead of helping him. Ha!}

James is trying to completely drop his afternoon nap {what am I going to do with him???} and Will decided a 20 minute car nap was plenty so neither boy napped for long today. So they had to be entertained by Mickey this afternoon for a bit.

The only other big thing going on here is the disaster we discovered tonight. A few days ago I noticed that there was a funky smell in our closet. I assumed it was wet laundry in the hamper and mentioned it to Eddie. He said a wet towel had been laying on the carpet so I suggested we let it dry and sprinkle some of that Arm 'N Hammer vacuum "dust" on the floor and vacuum the floor today. Well, when I got up I noticed the smell was worse and it got increasingly worse as the day went on. Tonight, while Eddie bathed the boys I got down on the floor to figure out what was wrong. It occurred to us that it had to be a leak, but where was it coming from? I walked into the garage and checked {our master closet shares a wall with the garage and the laundry room} but didn't see water anywhere. Then I checked behind the washing machine. Yep. That's where it was! LOTS of water, but not enough to see it from the front. Awesome, huh? I took over bathing duties while Eddie shop-vacced the water up and tried to figure out what to do. I'm a LOT nervous about it because I've noticed that our washer stinks after I use it, but not our clothes. Now it's obvious that it was stinky because it was dripping into standing water. I've noticed this for a WHILE. It will be interesting to see what's up under the floor. Eddie's going to call a friend tomorrow who does clean ups like that but on a much larger scale. Fun when things like this happen, isn't it??? That's not what we had planned this weekend!

Y'all have a good one!

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