Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Goals.

For the past few years I haven't really worried about New Year's Resolutions. Last year we were just hoping to survive adding to our family. But this year Eddie and I have discussed some of the things we want to work on in the coming year. Some of the goals are absolutely necessities and some are just for fun. I thought I'd share them so that I can look back and remember this for years to come, though.

1. Make a budget and stick to it. Eddie has been telling me about Dave Ramsey for several years so for Christmas I bought an online subscription to Financial Peace University that we're going to work through together.
2. Have daily quiet times. Yowza, do we need this. I haven't been in my Bible in a while and I need it.
3. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. I need to lose about 20 pounds and we both need to work on toning it up. And we just need the exercise regardless.
4. Revamp our discipline/reward system for James. We're bringing back the behavior chart and adding an allowance system for him.
5. Less television/iPad/computer time.
6. More outside time.
7. More reading time.
8. BEAT THE CLUTTER. Oh, this is so necessary. We are simplifying this year. We are throwing things away and donating. We are buying less. I cannot stand it anymore. Clutter, begone!

So there you go. Some of our goals for the new year. Some will be easy, some not-so-easy, but hopefully we'll stick to them!

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Julie Rogers said...

Can I ditto all of these?!?! :) Great resolutions---I stayed simple this year:!