Monday, January 21, 2013

Sniffles, Sleepies, and Walking on the Ceiling...

Both boys are on the mend. We're on day four of antibiotics and are ALMOST done with eyedrops. PHEW! Those eyedrops are NOT for sissies. In case you ever need to know how to put eyedrops in a BABY'S eyes, lay them flat on the changing table and drip each droplet right onto their tear duct. You may have to wait a bit, but once they do open their eyes it rolls right in. Now that Will knows what I'm about to do it's pretty hilarious. I have to hold his hands down, of course, or he wipes them right out, but he closes his eyes and giggles and tries to blink without opening his eyes. According to James they do sting a little. Both kids still have horribly nasty noses but we have six more days of antibiotics so we'll give it until the end of that until we worry.

I put James up on the changing table to put his eyedrops in and he said, "I've never been up here before!" Oh yes you have, my love. *Sniff* *Sniff*

 Will decided to show off his drawer-opening skills. This is why my house is always a mess.

In spite of Will, my house looks 100x better than it did last week. Staying home all day is HORRIBLE for the housekeeping. Sheesh. It looked like a hurricane had come through last week. We got it {mostly} tidied up Thursday and Friday. And you can finally see my dining room table again! That seems to be the catch-all place. I won't be inviting anyone into my office or master bedroom, but those doors can be closed.

William was a sleepy thing Saturday. He slept until 9AM (I didn't feed him from 7:30PM-9AM!) and then by 10:30 was ready for a nap. I think he finally woke up from his nap around 3PM. That boy was worn out from being sick! Gracious! It was marvelous and he felt so much better when he woke up.

We skipped church yesterday because we thought the other mamas might not appreciate the yucky germs in the nursery. Instead, we laid around the house and waited on some fun visitors. James asked me every 10 minutes if Papa and YaYa were here yet. {And then he nicknamed them "Pap" and "Ya." Crazy kid. He calls Cacky "Cack" but I think that really WAS her family nickname...Papa and YaYa don't really need to be shortened, right?}

We went out to lunch and watched the first half of the Falcons' game {what a heartbreaker!} while we played with them. James wanted to play every game he owns and build with ALL the blocks.

One of James' VERY favorite books right now is about a boy who walks on the ceiling. So Dad helped James walk on my ceiling. The book was one of my favorites when I was little, too. I do believe I can remember also "walking on the ceiling. Ha!

Last night, I fell asleep on the sofa and when I woke up the boys were just getting out of the tub. Have I ever mentioned how awesome Eddie is? And then they decided they were hungry {James had been snacking all afternoon} so they ate some supper. While I laid on the sofa. {In my defense, I have picked up some germs.} I got up and gave James his medicine and James fell asleep about 2 minutes later. On the sofa. Write it down! It's a day in history! This kid NEVER falls asleep that easily. He was talking and then he was OUT. I thought he was playing!

This morning I found someone hiding in my bed.

We had new carpet installed in the closet!

And we went to Eddie's office to finish Will's birthday invitations. Booohooo!

That's about it for today. I've been menu planning and catching up on my Bible study and Eddie took my car to have the oil changed and made a stop at WalMart. I suspect that we'll be in the backyard to play before long. I LOVE three day weekends! Y'all have fun!

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