Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What We're Reading: Kids' Edition

I mentioned yesterday that one of James' new favorite books is about a boy who walks on the ceiling. That made me think about what other books we've read a million times. I thought I'd share with you some of those books today. {As I was pulling books off of James' shelf to write this he stopped me and made me take one out and put another in. Maybe I'll have him write the post next time!}

1. Roger's Upside-Down Day by Betty Ren Wright

We had this book when we were little (the copyright on our copy is 1979) and we loved it. We loved it so much that it is no longer a whole book. So in November I ordered a new one and forgot to give it to my mom for Christmas. And then James was at her house and discovered her worn-out copy and LOVED it. So I thought I'd just keep this one for our house.

2. The Potty Book for boys by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

"Hello! My name is Henry. I have lots of fun each day. But first I need my diaper changed, so I can go and play." I have this one practically memorized! James loves this more NOW than when he actually was potty training. It's one that we read over and over for several weeks and then I don't see it for a while.

3. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff

I've you've not read the "If You Give...books" then you are missing out! There are LOTS of them. We love them. I got this one in kindergarten and Santa brought it to James for his first Christmas. We were thisclose to doing this theme for Will's birthday party this year. {If you need cute ideas for this theme, I have a few!}

These books are the MOST fun. They have a great rhyme, fun pictures, and a great message. We have read both over and over and over.

5. Eight Silly Monkeys illustrated by Steve Haskamp

Poppy picked this out for James before he was born. And since then we've read it a LOT. It's similar to "No more monkeys jumping on the bed" but with a little different twist. One of the monkeys disappears each page. James has really enjoyed this one.


6. Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik

James really likes the television show "Little Bear" so once he began to be interested in longer stories I bought this series in the "Beginning Reading" books. They're "chapter" books. He loves to look at the pictures. They'll be perfect when he starts to read on his own.

7. Dr. Seuss's ABCs

I can't tell you how many times I read this when James was tiny. So many times that I have the ENTIRE book memorized. I'm not kidding. If you like Dr. Seuss, this is a must-buy. It's fun!

8. Bears on Wheels by Stan and Jan Berenstain

James isn't quite at the age where he's into the Bearenstain Bears yet. He wants to like them, but they're a little long. This one, though, is perfect. It rhymes (he definitely loves rhyming books!) and is short! And HE has this one memorized!

9. Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman

This is a cute little book about a baby bird that goes in search of his mother when he falls from his nest. James has this one memorized as well and thinks it's REALLY funny when the baby bird sees the "snort." It will also be a good one for a beginning reader.

Here are James' thoughts. {I can't believe I'm posting this! But he's funny so I'm doing it anyway. This is as close to a vlog as I'll ever get!}

Just a few thoughts from that...He's KIDDING about orange and blue being our favorite colors. They are NOT. Yuck! Go Dawgs. And also? Mrs. Lauren {Train} is in TROUBLE for that ALABAMA comment. You are fired! He and AM can't be friends anymore. ;)

10. How Do I Love You? by P.K. Hallinan

This was a gift for James. It's a twist on "How do I love thee?" It's definitely a cute little read about a parent loving a child "even on your very best and very worst of days."

So there you have it! James' current Top 10. Maybe we'll do this again soon!

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