Friday, November 9, 2012


Know what happens when you have a VERY active three-year-old, a VERY active (and cruising!) almost-nine-month-old, everyone has colds, you have family pictures, and you're gone out of town often? Well...your house falls to disarray and your blog is forgotten about, that's what!

Everyone in our household has the crud. The allergies? The colds? The ick. For the love of Pete (who is Pete?) I am so, so, so tired of snot. My own. James'. Will's. It's disgusting. I would rather change 100 dirty diapers than use the bulb syringe on a squirming little snot-head child. Double ick.

We also had family pictures made on Wednesday. On Monday night I hauled everyone up to Macon to go shopping just for myself. The boys were all set but I needed to coordinate with them and of course that meant I needed something new. Eddie is thanking God daily that I am the only girl in his household. He is also praying that IF we ever have another, that we will add another boy. I am certain of it. Anyway, we went up to Macon and it was glorious. NO ONE was at the mall. It was already 6:30, almost 7:00 and it was dark, they were playing Christmas music, and no one was there. I went into Loft and tried on five shirts and purchased three. Then we went down to DSW and looked at boots for about ten minutes. Then we ate supper and we headed home. Least-stressful shopping trip EV-AH.

 Tuesday was Election Day. The boys looked cute in their red, white, and blue. We voted early. Not much else to say about that. Ha! Mom came up so that I could get my haircut but my hair girl had a migraine and canceled so we went to Target instead. 

That night I went and borrowed a TON of jewelry from Lauren's Stella & Dot collection. Need some jewelry? Stella & Dot is my favorite. Luckily for Eddie, Lauren is fantastic and just let me borrow. However, I may or may not have added a few things to my Christmas list. I think she had ulterior motives. I hung out and chatted with her and CT3 for a bit before heading home around 10:30. Guess who went into labor that night? Yep. Baby CT4 was just waiting to be sure I had my jewelry in hand before he decided to take his mama out of commission for a bit. (They're all doing great! He was a BIG boy! They came home last night. I can't wait to snuggle him!)

Wednesday I let James skip school because of all the crud. We hung out at the house and I spent the afternoon texting with our photographer. I may or may not have gotten super frustrated at the stupid rain that decided to spend the afternoon in our area. I decided to push ahead with our picture plans anyway and it looked beautiful for the hour and a half we were with her. Hopefully the pictures turned out great. James is in a fantastic don't-take-my-picture stage of life right now and it was COLD which meant I was wiping noses even more often than I had been. And poor Will...his mama hasn't bought him any shoes. And it's COLD.

Yesterday we hung out at the house again. Eddie had his man-cave delivered and set up in the backyard. I think he's pretty excited about it. James is. He keeps telling me how beautiful it is and asking if he can "Go play in the shade?" (That's "shed" for those of you who don't speak Southern preschooler.)

I made James go to school today. Kiddo does NOT like to go this year. He pitched a fit. He's been telling me that another kid pushes him so I told him today that if it happens he needs to tell on the kid. I know that's not what Eddie wants me to tell him, but I want him to feel safe and at this point in his life he won't be burdened with the "tattle-tale" nicknames yet. (As a sidenote, please remember that I saw HIM push this same kid recently. I'm not totally convinced that James is not bullying the kid. I'm not sure what their problem is. The kid's mama tells me that he talks about James at home constantly. Maybe we need a playdate?) When we got to school we found out his teacher wasn't there. James' feet were suddenly glued to the floor. Thankfully, the sub was just a teacher from across the hall and he warmed up to her quickly.

Big weekend plans. Hopefully I'll remember to blog about them on Monday. I am not kidding when I say that I just never sit down at my computer anymore. Rarely ever. Will is putting everything in his mouth, crawling faster than lightning, and pulling up and cruising around all of our furniture. I laughed to myself this morning when I thought about how I THOUGHT I was busy with James. Thankfully, James is somewhat helpful. He screams to me if Will puts something in his mouth that he shouldn't. Unfortunately, James is a little like his mama and is trying to police Will's behavior. :/ This morning I was fussing at Will about rolling over while I tried to change his diaper and he said, "Just pop his hand, mama!" And stop telling me what to do, stinker. Ha!

Y'all have a great weekend!

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Anna Catherine said...

Bahaha! I just laughed so hard at james' discipline suggestion! Hmmm, are you starting to feel bad for being so bossy to john and me?