Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Cough, The Crud, and Running Away...

I cannot believe it's Wednesday and I'm just now sitting down to write this. Telling of how busy I am? It's ridiculous really. We STAY HOME. But boys are busy. And into everything. And James had to sit on his bed in timeout at least 4 times yesterday. And Will is crawling like a madman. And it's suddenly 5 o'clock and wheretheheckdidthedaygo? Thankfully, we're all happy and {sort of} healthy! These days are flying by, though, and I hate it!

So...the good weekend! Well, most of us had a good weekend! Will, however, did not. He had the most miserable weekend he's had in his short little life. Yowza. Baby colds are no joke.

On Friday I sent James to school, snot and all. I know, I know. But he's never run a fever, it wasn't that bad, and he felt fine. So I did it. He had a sub, like I mentioned, but he had a fun day and I got a good bit done while he was away. Do you know what??? Three hours twice a week this year compared to FOUR hours twice a week last year is a HUGE difference. It also makes a HUGE difference that I'm picking him up instead of Eddie. I feel like I've no sooner dropped him off than it's time to pick him up again. But he's learning new things and his teacher is awesome so I guess that's what matters. Ha!

Friday afternoon I was trying my hardest to get us all packed to head to Roswell for the weekend. Guess who didn't nap on Friday afternoon. I'll give you a hint - their names start with Jam and Wil. NEITHER kid wanted to nap. Will just wanted to cry. James was just too interested in NOT being in his room. (He is really and truly trying to drop his nap but by 6 pm it's obvious that not taking one was a horrible idea.) So I did what I could do about packing us up. I left the house a DISASTER, but we were packed and almost ready when Eddie got home from work at 5:30.

This is also happened:

I had Will in a booster seat on the floor and was feeding him Puffs while I cleaned up in the kitchen. I took his tray off and walked out of the kitchen and when I walked back in he'd flipped it forward and was crawling around. Seriously? Where is this kid's mama?!? He wasn't hurt (not sure how he didn't smash his face on the floor) and thought it was SO funny.

We headed to Atlanta around 6:15 and got there a little after 8. Will screamed half of the entire trip. And if you've met Will you know that 99% of the time he is happy, but when he is not happy, he is MAD. He has never been a quiet crier. He's a screaming MESS when he's mad. So the trip from McDonough through Atlanta was AWESOME. I needed wine by the time we got there. It will not shock anyone in my family to know that our first stop was California Pizza Kitchen. Yum-O. We INHALED a BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad and a Chipotle Chicken Pizza. (And that was just Eddie and me. Seriously. INHALED.) After dinner we headed to Dad and Laura's and stayed up for as long as the boys would allow.

And then, the fun began. I fed Will and put him down around 11:40. Yep. Late. I fell asleep and when Will started to cry a bit later I grabbed my phone to see how long he'd lasted. All of TWENTY MINUTES. Boo. So, I got up and rocked him and fed him a little more. His snotty little nose it making it SUPER hard to eat so he's just sort of been snacking. After I rocked him for a bit I laid him back down and he screamed as though the Pack 'N Play was eating him alive. This is always what James did as a baby. It's why we hated to travel anywhere with him until he was about one and a half. So apparently it's Will's turn to hate travel now. Eddie picked him up and rocked him. When he laid him back down more screaming. This went on and on and on for what seemed like HOURS. Finally we just put him in bed with us. This helped, but only because when he screamed it was easier to get to him quickly. I was so worried we were keeping everyone else in the house up. I might not have been so wound up about it if I'd known that no one else could hear us.

So Eddie and I stumbled around on Saturday with dark circles under our eyes. And Will napped everywhere that he was allowed to. On our bed while we got ready, in his carseat on the way to Grandmommie's, as we were leaving Grandmommie's. Must be nice to be able to cat nap all day long! He felt so, so bad.

Anyway, we got ready on Saturday morning to visit Grandmommie. She had only ever seen Will ONCE and hadn't seen James in a while. James was awful while we were there and kept telling her bye. Little turkey. All she wanted was a visit and he was content to walk in and say hi and goodbye. Good gracious, where was that kid's mama? We got him to visit for a bit before we all left to go to a Holiday Open House at a local store and then home for lunch.

The drive to the Holiday Open House was GORGEOUS. I think we got up into Cherokee County and there were rolling hills and horses and fall colors and changing leaves. Gorgeous.

Saturday afternoon Eddie and I took Will and went to Trader Joe's for a few things and then to get James a new carseat. Will has made it very clear that he is no longer a fan of the infant seat. So we upgraded him to the convertible and got James a seat that has a five-point harness for now but we can use as a booster with a seatbelt later. Eddie is really, really hoping that this is the last carseat we ever have to buy.

After dinner on Saturday night (and after the end of the Alabama game - WHOA), Eddie, Will, and I packed up and drove home. We drove home with our littlest in a BIG BOY carseat. Booohooo. But he didn't cry and since then has not cried when I've put him into the carseat so hopefully he's liking that he can see better and isn't so cramped. (And yes, he's still rear-facing and will be for at least another year. This is a convertible carseat and we could've used it instead of an infant seat but didn't. It will grow with him until he's at least 3.)

Traffic was AWFUL and we didn't get home until after 10 pm. We got unpacked, put Will to bed, and we went to bed.

Sunday morning we knew Will couldn't go to the nursery so we skipped church. He'd been running a fever and we had been giving him Tylenol so it wasn't going to happen. James got dropped off around 10:30 when Dad and Laura came through on the way to a family reunion. He was happy to be home but very quickly realized he couldn't get away with everything like he had been for the rest of the weekend. He told us he thought he'd just go live with Papa and YaYa. We said we were so sorry to see him move and tried to remind him of all the things he'd miss out on. The kicker was when I told him that Papa and YaYa both work and that he'd have to go to a babysitter during the day. Well, he did NOT like that. And no, YaYa, you don't need to tell him you'd quit your job even if you would. You can't have him! Ha!

James napped a bit in the car on the way home and wouldn't nap for us on Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure who told him that Sunday afternoons weren't for napping, but in this house they are. Instead, he decided to nap while he and Eddie were grocery shopping. Crazy thing.

Meanwhile, Will played in James' room. He LOVES to play in there. The magnet board is one of his favorite things. James NEVER plays with it.


 James helped feed Will at suppertime. He's gotten a lot better at doing it by himself! He's hired!

Monday we didn't have anywhere to go or anything to do. James played out in the sandbox and I sat on the patio and read the afternoon away while Will slept. That was SO nice.

And then Monday night, Will discovered a love of Oreos. It's passed down yet again. (Just kidding...he just wanted to eat them.)

Yesterday I sneaked out {is snuck not a word? what? I'm not an English teacher...I retired!} of the house as soon as Eddie got home from work and got my hair cut and went to Target BY MYSELF. Wow. It was so much fun. I got the boys a few Christmas gifts that I obviously can't shop for when they're with me and then headed home. It was SO much fun and I might do that again soon!

James went to school today. I told him I was just going to go home and sit, sit, sit. He told me he'd just like to stay and do that with me and that his eye looked bad and his head hurt. Good thing we're going to the doctor's office tomorrow, huh? Separation anxiety? What is it???

This is the LAST week I can take orders for Willow House. Last week EVER...not just for Christmas. They're retiring everything so take a look at the website. You can click shop at the top to shop online but there's also something on the sidebar that says Fall Bazaar. That's the BIG sale that's going on now. Take a look!!! If you do place an order, please enter Anna Simpson at checkout. I'll be giving away hostess credits to anyone who shops under that party. (Sorry, Anna!)

So...that's about it. I'm going to work on a few more posts to schedule so that I don't get behind again anytime soon! Y'all have a good week!

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