Friday, November 16, 2012

James at Three Years Old...

I completely neglected a for-real post on what Mr. James is up to these days. So I thought I'd redeem myself just a few weeks late...

I'm actually cheating a little (in that I probably should never even compare him to this...) by looking at a milestone chart. With the exception of drawing and writing, he's definitely hitting most of his 4 year milestones already.

At three...

*James is 35 pounds and 36 inches tall according to our doctor's visit yesterday. I disagree with the height, though. I think he's between 37 and 38 inches.
* James knows his alphabet and can identify all of his letters.
* He can count 1-10 and identify those numbers. He has a harder time with 11-20. He HAS, however, figured out how to count the bigger numbers so if you say, "Thirty..." he can count "Thirty-one, thirty-two, etc."
* He wears a 3T or 4T shirt and a 2T or 3T in pants. He has size 9.5 tennis shoes this year.
* I can't even comment on all the things he says. He sounds like a grown-up sometimes. We are constantly laughing (and trying NOT to laugh) at the words and phrases he uses correctly. It's amazing.
* James is proficient in all things iPad. Need a lesson? He can show you how to use yours. I had to password lock my phone MONTHS ago and I have to remember to log out of iTunes on the iPad so that he doesn't purchase his own apps. If he knew how to read and spell I would be in BIG trouble.

* Speaking of reading and spelling, he can spell his own name and Will's name. He has also started using context clues to figure out what WE spell if we're discussing something that we want to keep from him. He guesses correctly OFTEN and it freaks us out a bit. :/
* James goes to school on Wednesdays and Fridays and enjoys it, but isn't crazy about going before he gets there. I think he realizes he's missing out on some of the errands I'm running while he's in school.
* James knows all of his colors, can sometimes remember what one color plus another color makes (blue + yellow = green, etc.), and enjoys pointing colors out.
* He is trying his hardest to learn left and right. He's often correct (not "right" as I am guilty of saying sometimes...) when he guesses! He know that when he holds his hands up his left thumb and pointer finger make an L.
* He loves playdoh.
* He enjoys watching television. Too much. His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora and Diego, Bubble Guppies, Little Bear, Daniel Tiger, and Max and Ruby.
* He has just started to get into cars. He sort of likes trains but we seem to have skipped the Thomas stage of life.
* He is not a fan of movies. Which really hurts my feelings.
* He LOVES Will.

* He does not enjoy playing independently. He wants me to participate in ALL the playing.
* He loves to sing and has begun making up his own (hilarious) songs.
* He enjoys playing in his sandbox, swinging, and driving his jeep outside.
* He loves to go! Anywhere!
* His favorite places to eat are Chick-fil-A and the Mexican place.
* He loves fruit, pancakes, waffles, CHEESE, CHOCOLATE, chicken, pizza, STEAK, and sandwiches.
* He does NOT love vegetables (with the rare exception of green beans), he HATES potatoes (what is WRONG with him?), and trying anything new.
* He finally enjoys being read to - but not too many books in a row.
* His imagination is BIG right now. BIG, big. We've started into the story-telling stage. We've actually had a few conversations about lying, but for the most part I think he's just trying to show us that big imagination. He told me recently that he broke a snowman ornament when he was with Cacky at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. I called to ask how much I owed her for it and she told me that it never happened. Oh my word.

* He is very interested in what time it is and what day it is. He's trying to connect what we do on certain days. "What is today? It's Sunday? What do we do on Sunday? Oh, we go to church! What is tomorrow?" and on and on.
* He remembers the parts of his favorite stories. Recently, I read him a book from the library (ONE time) and the next time Cacky read it she mis-read a word...and he CORRECTED her. Seriously.
* He loves to sort and do puzzles. We're moving on to bigger puzzles. He can do his big Thomas floor puzzle with just a little help and is understanding the concept of inside pieces and edge pieces.
* He can climb stairs but is still going up "gorilla-style" and down on his bottom for the most part. I don't think he's behind, I think that's just more fun. And he's super-cautious.
* He's getting better and better at kicking, throwing, and catching.
* He is very, VERY interested in sign language. I sure wish I could enroll him in some little sign language class. I need to pull out his old Baby Einstein dvds with the sign language on them.
* As you can see from the photos, drama abounds at three. I am convinced that preschoolers have multiple personalities.
* We are just starting to get into a deep-thinking phase of life. Terrifies me a little. He told me one morning this week that he didn't want to go be with God and Jesus. *sigh* Big questions and I don't have the answers.
* He is at a fun, challenging age right now. We're starting to see fewer tantrums (just a few fewer, though...ha!), shorter naptimes, and more independence!

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