Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Library and Meet the Teacher

What I'm about to say may shock you, but I took James to the library for the FIRST TIME EVER yesterday. If he'd been before he was an infant. I just don't go to the library. :/ I pull the website up online, click on the books I'd like, and Eddie picks them up. Ha! Rotten, but it's easy peasy! But going to the library with James was on our Summer Goal list so I thought we needed to mark that off. You know what? It was fun! I'd intended to take Will by Eddie's office so that James and I could have some one-on-one time (and because I knew Will wouldn't help anything...I wound up with a bruise on my arm from carrying his infant seat), but that didn't work out for us. It was a super quick trip because Will was screaming and James was SO excited he couldn't remember to walk or whisper, but I think we'll try again soon! (After I typed this out I saw a Twitter discussion among others who haven't taken their kids either. Whew! I thought I was alone!)

Then today we had James' meet-the-teacher at school. I met Eddie up there with the boys and off we went. James' teacher, Mrs. T., was super sweet. We have prayed and prayed that James would wind up with a great teacher this year and we are hoping that this is a great fit. She knew immediately that James has allergies and immediately mentioned that she has a latex allergy and also has an EpiPen. HALLELUJAH! Last year the teacher totally blew me off when I tried to explain what James had and how to use it. You have no idea what a relief this is. James is the only kid in the class with a nut allergy and we rotate bringing snacks. We're going to try to allow him to have snacks with the rest of the class for a bit (parents have been asked to read labels) but if it's a disaster I'll just take his own. Mrs. T. did tell me that she'd be glad to provide "emergency" snacks but I told her I'll bring them in for him. That way he gets things that he likes in case someone forgets to check. Hopefully this will work out!

The calendar came out with the things that they'll be learning each month. They focus on a color and shape each month, they are memorizing Bible verses, and they'll have new themes each month. Each day they have Circle Time, playtime outside, a snack, and either craft time or music time. James' favorite part is that they get to play with Playdoh while they wait for parents to pick up.

We ran into Mrs. Lauren and Anne Margaret while we were there and AMT and James couldn't stop hugging, holding hands, and singing. It was hysterical. Clearly they have missed seeing each other!

Tomorrow is his first day! We're excited and anxious for this to begin! (And Will and I are looking forward to our to do list - Starbucks, Old Navy, Target, and Hobby Lobby!)

Other hilarious pictures from yesterday and today:

Backwards undies...on purpose. He wanted to see Thomas. Why do they do this to kids?

And this progression taken when Will zoned out (and eventually fell asleep) at Target today. I will never again worry whether I take too few pictures of him. As soon as I pulled my phone out, this happened:

And yes, that is a Baby Elmo (thanks, Uncle John!). James has been sweet enough to pass it down and Will thinks it's hilarious (it laughs and talks).

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Anna Catherine said...

Oh no! My babies look like big boys! We need to take them to Neverland!
I'm so relieved y'all got an attentive and kind teacher this year! Yay! That will make it all the easier to leave him those days!