Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School!

I woke up my little school boy this morning around 7:35 so that he could eat breakfast and get ready for his big day. He was in a happy mood! Didn't eat much breakfast (maybe he was nervous?) but he was raring to go!

He fussed and fussed about having his picture made (sorry sir, you'll have to do this 15 more times!) but I convinced him that his grandparents would want to see.

Yowza. Does he suddenly look big to anyone else?

Here are his first and last day pictures from last year:

His weight/height this year is 34.4 pounds, 37 inches.

He walked right into his classroom without telling me goodbye. I almost cried. Ha! Hopefully he'll continue to be that confident.

When I picked him up he ran to the door, told me had a good day, and then became the biggest grump you ever saw. I asked him a few questions and then he told me he didn't want to talk about his day anymore. Mmmmkay.

I have pulled a few things out of him. He played with blue Playdoh (as evidenced by the crumbs on his shirt), on the playground he played on the slide, and he tee-teed on the potty. Pretty good day!

We've had a fun afternoon! More on that later!

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