Monday, August 27, 2012

Milestones for Will!

Quick extra post on this dreary Monday (see below for what's been going on and LOTS of pictures)!

Will has been trying and trying {and trying and trying} to cut his little bottom teeth for a long time! Last night I got up with him at 1AM and by 2AM he was fussing again. He was fussy all afternoon yesterday, too! Eddie got up with him and they slept in the rocker together for another hour and then I got back up with him. He finally fell asleep and slept until Big Brother woke him up (grrr!) at 9:20! Whew! When I put my finger in his mouth this morning (daily gum check!) I could feel one little toofer popping through! Apparently he finally got some relief in the middle of the night!

AND...he's been saying "Mamamamamammaa" for a long time but not directed at me. I walked through the den this afternoon and he saw me and got excited but I kept going to James' roof. He burst into tears and yelled, "MAMA!" Yea! I'll claim it! Eddie got James so it's only fair, right? ;)

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