Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where We've Been!

Well, well...I couldn't exactly call this a "Weekend Update" since my blogging took a little hiatus last week. Truth be told I was just not in the mood. We were not out of town, I was just bored with blogging. Sorry about that. :)

Let's back up, shall we? These are actually from LAST weekend, but they were too fun not to share:

Typically we are "LOOK MOM! BROTHERS!" all the way. James will pose in pictures with Will until I tire of taking them. Apparently not this time. Pouty stinker over there!

Did you ever see a cuter thing? (No, he still doesn't have teeth. Bite marks on the crib courtesy of James.)

Yes, I take them in and and and out. I consider it to be just like making a bed. (His is left unmade frequently.) And yes, to those of you who are super observant, that is a black crib sheet. Someone got a teensy bit sick on his only clean sheet the other night so I improvised with James' old ones.

Post-bath baby.

James does his fake laugh:

Will hates rice cereal:

Caught the boys watching Super Why one morning this week:

(Yes, my den really looked like that on this particular day.)

James LOVES to say "Excuse me, I mustache you a question." Except he forgets what to say and says, "Excuse me, I needa ask you somefing." :)

Will is sniffing. It's his new favorite thing and I LOVE it.

Will's legs are precious right now. In comparison, here are James':

James was definitely fatter! Plus, he had no hair and had HUGE cheeks!

My FAVORITE part of the week happened on Thursday night. Guess who came to visit?!?!

Yea for Fake Aunt Lib!

I got a text mid-week telling me she'd be in town for business and would like to see us. Yea!!! She came on Thursday night for about three hours (the boys stayed up until 11:45 to visit!) and again on Friday for about 2 hours. It was fantastic to visit with her. James was loving it but he was pretty sad that Mr. Bobby wasn't able to come. (James told me that Bobby was working and couldn't make it.) They did chat on the phone about goldfish on Friday afternoon, though. :)

Saturday we got up and headed to the lake to meet the Days and the Warrens for some fun!

Eddie and I took James on his first jetski ride. He loved it. Told Eddie he liked to go fast!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day around here:


Laziness, naps, fit-pitching (by BOTH boys), a trip to Target and Academy, and more fit-pitching (screeching, HOWLING from the biggest brother). Thankfully, everyone is in bed and I'm headed that way! BIG plans this week!

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Unknown said...

My den looks like that everyday. Maybe even worse!