Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Update...

We had a good weekend, but it was a busy weekend.

First up, James and Will did a little Friday morning reading in bed.

Next, I let James take Will on a little ride on Friday. Please don't watch this if you get motion sickness. Also, please excuse my cackling and the part where I stutter. (Please do note that there IS a seat back behind just can't see it. Also, my hand was right behind him the whole time - hence the horrible videography. No babies were harmed in the making of this video.)

Friday my mom came up for a visit. She got to our house around 11 and we spent the day playing, reading, and napping. At 5:30 James and I had haircuts so Cacky went with us and then took James home with her after his was finished.

My haircut took until a little after 8 so by the time I got home the Opening Ceremonies were well under way. (Well, they were actually over I guess since we're watching everything on a delay!) I really enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies! I heard before the show that the producer/director/whomever was relieved that China was as HUGE a show as it was. He said he knew he couldn't top it so he felt free to do what he wanted. I really liked it!

Saturday was a busy, difficult day. We got up bright and early and got ready to head to Tifton. A friend in Tifton lost his battle with cancer last week so we changed some of our plans around and went to Tifton for the funeral. Eddie grew up in church with him (and was very close to his dad) and I taught two years with him. The funeral was sad, but it was a true testament to the man that Chris was. He picked out praise and worship songs (which was a first at a funeral for a couple of Methodists!) and three different men spoke about Chris - his youth pastor, his boss, and his current pastor - and the things that they all had to say about him, wow. It's obvious that he'll be missed.

After the funeral we went back to my mom's house where the boys were staying. About the time we got home, James went down for a nap and slept at least two hours. I think it was almost four before he woke up. Yikes. It was fine, but we had somewhere to be at five, I'd told a friend we'd go see her, and we hadn't been to Eddie's parents' yet. We ran very quickly to the grocery store and then to Eddie's parents' to visit with them and the Clicks and then headed out to the Warrens (just 30 minutes late...) for Dinner Club.

If you're a Tiftonite, please know that we try our hardest to get everything done while we're there. It's difficult to have two sets of grandparents in the same town along with all of our friends we've spent our whole lives with. It's not easy to get by and see everyone and we try our best not to hurt feelings. We often rush through visits so that we can get to everyone we need to and then we get home and we're exhausted. Please know that we try not to overlook anyone on purpose. :/

Dinner Club was SO much fun this weekend. We were supposed to go to Lake Blackshear (and hopefully we'll be rescheduling that in the coming weeks) but we had fun anyway. Everyone had their kids and James, who never gets to play with our friends' kids, had a ball. He played with every girl toy he could find since he'd never seen any of them before. Ha! Eddie was having a fit. I laughed so much with our friends. It was a fun time. We even got a golf cart ride before we headed home!

Sunday I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. I don't know if it was exhaustion or a sinus infection or both but I woke up with a sore throat and a headache and I took AT LEAST two naps yesterday. Eddie probably thinks I'm worthless. I kept sitting down and falling asleep! I don't know what was wrong with me but I woke up at 7:40 this morning and feel like so far I'm at least functioning (although the headache remains...)!

I looked at our calendar last night and it seems that for the remainder of what I consider the "summer" we have one available weekend. We're yard sale-ing (THIS weekend...let me know if you're local and I'll tell you where!), James is going to Papa and YaYa's, we're going to the lake, and we're going to the beach within the next month. I love going but I am ready for some quiet time, just the four of us. :)


Julie Rogers said...

Looks like a BUSY weekend!! New follower, but I wanted to tell you to make sure you head over to our baby week that is going on all week---lots of great posts and giveaways at The Chirping Moms!


Jamie said...

New follower-your boys are adorable! Glad you are feeling better and love the video!