Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Update...

We have had a FUN weekend. I'm pretty sure that James had the BEST DAY EVER on Sunday. :) Made my mama heart happy, happy!

Friday was very, very low-key. I don't think we left the house. I did stay up late getting a few things done after all three boys were in bed, though.

(This is actually post-bath on Thursday.)

Friday morning playtime. This made me laugh because the Tippins girls are always pictured in boxes. James had the BEST time climbing in and out (and falling over in) this thing!

Saturday morning we had SURPRISE! visitors at our house. Papa and YaYa were on the way to visit Aunt Jen and Uncle Charley and they made a pit-stop at our house around 9:30. I didn't tell James were coming but I DID tell him that we were going to have visitors so he walked around the house saying, "I wonder who it could be?!?"

They had a quick visit with us and then carried on down the road. I had lots and lots of things I wanted to accomplish Saturday, as did Eddie, but we wound up with shorter-than-usual naps from the boys so we just scratched our plans. James played for several hours in the garage with Eddie and while Eddie didn't accomplish much at all, James thought they had "worked" all afternoon and that he was a big helper. He had a great time and they surely don't get time together to do much like that anymore so he just went with it.

My afternoon goal...

My handsome helper!

Saturday night Papa and YaYa stopped back by for another little visit and dinner. We enjoyed visiting and eating Mexican food. James had declared that Papa and YaYa wanted "pasghetti" and he wanted a "sammich" and then said he didn't want Mexican because he wanted "chicken nuggets and French fries." That boy is going to turn into a chicken nugget if I don't watch it! He must not have been too bothered by our restaurant choice, though, because he ate half the steak from my fajitas and almost all of my rice.

Sunday was fun, fun, fun! It was a day I'd been looking forward to for-e-ver! After church, Sunday School, and a nap we loaded up the big boy and took him to his first ever movie! I was SO excited and James was, too. We chose Brave because it was the only non-sequel movie on at the theater this week. I haven't seen Ice Age 2 or Madagascar 2 and I hate not seeing things in order (weird-o, I know...) so we just went with Brave. I know it was kind of girly, but I thought he'd like it. We watched lots of trailers online and he was VERY excited about the three "wittle" bears but a little apprehensive about the "big, stare-y" bear.

We got to the theater and spent $4,000 on popcorn and drinks. James insisted on having his own so we obliged. He was FANTASTIC through all of the previews (even though he had to sit on the front of the seat because he was too light to hold it down) and into the beginning of the movie. About 30 minutes in, I got up to go to the bathroom and I think I threw him off a bit. He went back and forth between our laps and told me a few times that he was "all done." BUT he lasted until the very end! He was {relatively} quiet the entire time and I was pretty proud!

And then we got milkshakes after we left. HA! Just because we hadn't had any other junk. :)

After playing with Poppy and Cacky for a bit, they headed home. I'm hoping both boys will SLEEP tonight (I'm writing this on Sunday night). I was up Saturday night with Will at one, three, and five. I think he's cutting teeth. I can't decide whether to give him Tylenol at night without knowing, though. Maybe I will anyway. I just bought MomsOnCall's 3-12 month seminar so there will be some sleep training at our house SOON. :(

Y'all have a great week!


Julie Rogers said...

Looks like a great weekend---just followed you! And head over to and enter to win an adorable baby outfit!


Amy said...

too funny! i'm so glad my kids aren't the only ones that sit in boxes. :)
and excuse me, but when did will get so big?!?
and way to go james...i'm impressed he made it through the whole movie! we're going to try again with libbi and take her to madagascar. hopefully we'll have better luck than my parents did with her :)