Friday, July 13, 2012

To The Beach! (Saturday-Tuesday)

Will is FIVE months old today! I hate to get off-track with my beach pictures, so I'll post his little update next week. I cannot BELIEVE we've had him for five months.

Saturday and Sunday were much like Friday. We woke up, we went to the pool, we came in for lunch and naps, we went to the beach.

On Saturday afternoon, James met a cute little friend at the beach. He and his mama and grandparents were also from Georgia. The boys (the other is a year older than James) played dinosaurs and stomped all over their sand buildings. James was pretty cute trying to do exactly what the older boy did.

If you ask James what his favorite thing to do at the beach was, he'll tell you it was to PLAY IN THE SAND! That boy enjoyed playing at the beach. Because it's really rocky in front of the condos, he wasn't able to just run back and forth to the water on his own, but that didn't stop him from having FUN!

After we went to the pool on Sunday morning, Poppy headed back to Tifton. We had fun with him and were sad to see him go.

Someone had a little time-out until he could help me clean up his toys before swimming.

On Sunday evening, we had a HORRIBLE experience at one of my favorite restaurants at the beach, Saltwater Cowboys. Between being skipped over for tables (after calling ahead), the heat inside the restaurant, a waitress that didn't pay attention to us but DID pay attention to the table next to us, and an outrageous price for a kids meal, we decided to get up and leave. I could count on one hand the number of times I've done this. (Actually, the only time I can remember was at Shoney's as a kid. Dad made us leave because we weren't behaving. Ha!) We called J.T's and picked up dinner on our way home. It was much better!

Also on Sunday evening we headed down to the beach for some pictures and a little shell hunting. The shell hunting pictures didn't turn out great, but James had a FABULOUS time doing that!

On Monday we just went to the pool...and we visited the one we don't usually go to. They had a little splash pad turned on and James liked that. He'd gotten a little worn out on all the swimming!

We headed home on Tuesday after lunch. The trip home seemed long to me. Both boys were over being in the car (although James really did great!) and we wound up having to go through Waycross instead of going up I-75 so it just seemed longer.

We're headed back to the beach with Daddy soon! I can't wait for the next trip (although it surely is less vacation now!).

Thanks, Poppy, Cacky, and Anna for hosting us and helping out SO much!

Other random pictures:

Photo by James...but look at those CHEEKS!

Speaking of CHEEKS...couldn't you just eat his legs up? Little Man wants to crawl.

He is SO bashful. If I'm holding him and someone talks to him he'll grin ear-to-ear and then bury his face in my shoulder. :) As outgoing as James is, it's different to have a shy baby!

Diaper wedgie.

Don't worry. I unburied him after I sent this to Eddie. My children LOVE to sleep under the covers. Too bad Will can't have any yet.

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