Monday, July 16, 2012

Will at 5 Months...

 At five months, Will:

* Weighs 17.2 pounds (on our home scale). This is up about half a pound from last month. James weighed 18.2 at this same age.

* I'm not sure how long he is. He was 25 inches last month.

* Is wearing 6-9 month clothing...and some 12 month clothing. Yikes! The only thing I can come up with is that the 12 month outfits I've put him in were washed and dried with James a LOT. They're still a teeny bit big, though.

* He's still battling that stupid clogged tear duct. Hence, the crusty eye in some of the bottom pictures. :(

* He is on a pitiful schedule. We will be working on EVERYONE's schedule this week in our house. No more helter skelter.

* He's in a size 3 diaper.

* He's usually eating every 3 hours during the day and still at night.

* He still only wants his paci if he's especially tired or grumpy.

* He keeps his hands, a burp cloth, his wubbie, Sophie, or something in his mouth to gnaw on all. the. time.

* He doesn't mind his carseat at all. If he's cranky he will fuss when he's first put into the carseat or if the car stops. :)

* His favorite hobby is watching James. He looks at him like, "What the heck is he doing?"

* Loves a bath!

* Likes to stand in our laps holding our hands.

* Loves, loves, loves tummy time lately. He just rolls all around.

* He's been rolling back to tummy since just after four months. He started rolling tummy to back on July 6th. The boy is a rolling machine now!

* He's sitting for a few seconds at a time but not long.

(Herein lies the problem with taking pictures of Will while James is around. These were the first few I took. James was banished to the kitchen to watch through the door.)

* He likes to talk if James isn't around. He is VERY quiet if James is in the room but talks and talks when he leaves.

* He can put his paci in his mouth but often forgets to let go and pulls it back out.

* He's very, very ticklish.

* He reaches for and grabs anything in front of him. Someone else in this house is about to have reality hit with sharing. :)

* He wants to crawl badly! He scoots all over the place!

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Julie Rogers said...

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