Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Fish.

James is about one-third of the way through his swimming lessons this summer and they are going GREAT. He cried the first two times and has loved it ever since. He did get a little whiny today because they started a new drill where he floats, swims, and floats again and he didn't like that as much. I have HIGH hopes that by the end of the summer he'll be swimming up a storm, though! 

The lessons are ISR (infant swimming resource, I think). They meet for ten minutes a day, four days a week, for four to six weeks. I thought it sounded insane when we first started but by the ten minute mark he has been DONE a few times. She teaches children to swim to the side and float on their backs when they need to rest and catch their breath. It's all about water safety instead of proper technique. We can work on the technique later! This type of lessons starts with children as early as 8 months and I have actually seen a really little girl - like, maybe one year - float on her back. When they're that little I think all they learn is the float so that if they fall in a pool they can float until they're pulled out.

James is absolutely loving it most days! We're about three days behind because of his double ear infection last week, but we'll get caught up on the next couple of Fridays.

Here are two videos for the grandparents:


Anna Catherine said...

You are a brave mama to sit there and watch! That would freak me out a little to see him turnover in the water and be facedown! He looks like he's learning how not to sink though

Lauren said...

BAHAHAHAH!!! James' lessons look tame compared to AM's. Good lordy - child still screams for 98% of them. I will have to video to show you how amazing your little man is doing! AM I think now just likes to mouth off! HA!