Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reunions, Laziness, and Fake-Out Tropical Storms. (The One With All The Pictures.)

We enjoyed a VERY fun weekend. I had been looking forward to this one for a lonnnnng time. It exceeded my expectations!

First of all, kudos to my husband who, on Friday night, did not panic when he received the following pictures from me:

I decided on a whim to reorganize my closet at around 3:30 pm. And by reorganize, I mean take everything out, vacuum the floor, and go through everything before putting it back in in a ROY G BIV fashion. (You know that you know what I mean. I am NOT the only person to ROY G BIV her closet. Ha!) Needless to say, we didn't go out on Friday night. But I was on a cleaning roll and when I get that way, Eddie just steps aside. It doesn't happen often.

Saturday morning we got up and got going fairly early because it was FRIEND DAY! We had a scheduled noon date with my best girls from high school and I was excited. After dropping James off with Grandmama and feeding Will, we headed to Pit Stop, a local BBQ place in Tifton. We met Bess, Lib, Emily, and Maddy and some of their significant others there. Yea!!! The reunion was so. much. fun. We packed as much talking as we could into lunchtime. Bess had to run an errand after, but the other four of us (and a few extras) went to my mama's to continue the conversation. We lost Maddy about an hour in to that, but I ran Emily and Lib off at about 4:30. Sorry about that, ladies. James was about to lose his mind. He fell asleep in the car five minutes later. :) I hope it's not ten years before I am able to get together with those girls again. I've seen most of them several times since high school (and a few of them a LOT since high school, just not as much since marriage). But it was SO lovely to spend the afternoon with all of them.

Maddy holding James, Lib holding Ellie (Maddy's baby)

Emily, me, Bess, Maddy, and Lib

And then, Ellie and Will went on their first date. Ha! Just kidding...but we did take lots and lots and lots of pictures. Will sort of played it cool. He didn't want to seem overly into her. Ellie is PRECIOUS. (She is almost exactly three weeks older than him.)

After my "high school reunion" we stopped by the Bargerons and let James give John Michael his birthday gift. We have high hopes that these boys will be best buds like their daddies. I am thoroughly enjoying having boys with Lori. :) And Will's closet is especially thankful! Ha!

James found the dress-up stuff from John Michael's circus birthday party last weekend.

Charlie, James, Will, and Mrs. Lori. Charlie was SO sweet to James and shared his iPad to watch Scooby Doo!

One more stop by Grandmama's to pick up Scout and let Nancy meet Will for the first time and we were headed home.

After we got home we put both boys to bed and this is what I found an hour later when I checked on Will. He was really asleep.

Sunday we were worthless all. day. long. We slept in as long as we could (made it all the way 'til  7:40!) and then spent the day napping in various places around the house. Eddie got what must have been a migraine? A headache from dealing with a whiny, disobedient two-year-old? Something...and about the time that Lance and Anna rolled in on their way home from Lake Oconee, he retreated to our room. He came out only for prescription headache medicine (a SHOCKER if you know him...he is NOT a medicine-taker) and a few bites of pizza with which to take it. He did come out again right before they'd left and he seemed to have made a full recovery. (I was worried those Bargerons might have passed a stomach bug along to us but *fingers crossed* that seems not to have been the case...yet.)

Monday we headed out to Lake Blackshear around 11am. I have to admit that I was Miss Whiny Butt on the way there because the forecast was rain, rain, and more rain from Tropical Storm Beryl. I was pleasantly surprised when it didn't flood like I thought that it would. I did keep us from actually putting on bathing suits and swimming, but it also kept the temperature a little lower than it otherwise would have been - but it bumped up the humidity, too!

More swimming this week! I'll do a post on that soon so that the grandparents can see the fish in action!

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