Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Almost all of our cards have finally gone out! I think we have one or two that I'm waiting to get addresses, but for the most part they're either in the hands of those we sent them to or will be by this afternoon! We used Shutterfly again this year for our Christmas cards and I have to say that I really LOVE how they turned out!

We sort of rushed around to get our pictures this year. We'd had pictures made for the purpose of Christmas cards but then I couldn't ever decide what I wanted to do and I didn't own the rights to the pictures (and therefore wasn't able to really do my own thing) so we wound up not using those. Then, we had a friend take pictures and they turned out cute but James, who is in LOVE with our "photographer's" little girl, kept making silly faces at the baby in all of them. Ha! I thought we'd give it one last try after church and before Santa a few weeks ago. So I set up the tripod in the backyard, and this is what we got!

This is my second favorite Santa picture of James. He wasn't nervous at all and he really was whispering with Santa! :) Here's the bigger version:

Merry Christmas!


The Morrows said...

Great Christmas Card. I, too, always count on Shutterfly!
And the picture of your little one with Santa is priceless. :)

Lauren said...

I LOVE the pic you chose. It def was the best one!!! Such a cute card and AM loves pointing at James and saying "baby"...she clearly doesnt realize that between the two of them, she is the baby