Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas, Part 2...

We had Christmas, Part 1 with Dad and Laura last weekend. This weekend, we had Christmas, Part 2 with Mom and Sonny, Mrs. Bobby and Mr. Tommy, Kelly, and again with Anna, John, and Lance. Whew! Why do the holidays seem to fly by at lightning speed?

On Friday night James and I stopped by to visit the Trains' on their way out of town and to make a delivery to them. "Anne Marmot" was asleep, but James visited with Champ and pulled out all of AMT's toys. When we left there it was just after six, so I called Eddie and asked him to meet us in the driveway so that we could grab dinner and make a quick Publix run.

I spent several hours after dinner wrapping gifts. I actually only had a few gifts left to wrap but for some reason it took for.e.ver! Got that done, picked up the house a little bit, and Eddie got to bed around midnight. I carried on with packing and cleaning for a little longer.

Funny story, at around 12:30 I heard the pitter patter of little feet. I asked James what he was doing up and he told me he was "wookin' for {his} daddy." I let him snuggle with Eddie while I finished what I was doing and then tried to move him to his bed around 1:30. He woke up so I climbed in with him, but he told me he needed his daddy and just left me in his room! Stinker! Eddie climbed in bed with him and I went to sleep in our room. I'm not sure what went on between 2-5, but around 5:30 Eddie put James in our bed. He said he'd gotten up and almost stepped on him asleep in the floor. :) Sweet thing!

We got going Saturday morning and after what felt like forever to get showered, packed, and our stuff to the car we left to run errands around 11. (There's nothing like being an hour behind, right?) James napped almost the whole time we ran errands and then the whole way to Tifton. Thank goodness! The days when we travel and he doesn't nap are NO FUN.

We spent the afternoon visiting grandparents in Tifton before heading to Supper Club at the Bargerons' house. I did not take the first picture, which is a shame. All the kids had a GREAT time and I am happy to report that everyone behaved and the only tears shed were over getting knocked down during a game of chase. :) They were all sweet to one another and played well!

Sunday morning we had Christmas at Mama's house first thing. We dragged out gifts for a long time until everyone started getting hungry and a few people headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. Present opening was fun and breakfast was FANTASTIC. I ate too much!

Since everyone had coffee, James started calling his milk his "toffee." He'd hand out a few gifts (he was our elf) and then stop and say, "Where my toffee?" After a few sips, he'd get back to work!

A radio flyer racer. It's sort of like a Big Wheels like we had when we were little but this thing makes all kinds of sounds! Can't wait to try it out!

John got speakers for his iPod and my little music nut was OBSESSED.

Two videos of dancing to the music:

After breakfast and showers, we went to have Christmas with Eddie's family. It was also Mrs. Bobby's birthday so we had "birthday lunch" with them. Oh my word, we were STUFFED after this. But not too stuffed for birthday cake and chocolate pie, I guess. (James had NO desire to eat anything until the dessert came out. Then he was magically hungry again!)

Christmas with the Freshes was fun, too! James got this gift and I was SO tickled about it. Eddie told me I couldn't get him one. When I responded that HE vacuums at our house a lot of the time he told me that he wanted better for James. Ha! Little stinker! Can't argue with Grandmama and Kelly, though! James LOVES it.

After all of the gift opening, James told me he was sleepy. When he admits it we know he is EXHAUSTED. Look what happened about three minutes later. He slept almost an hour being held. This NEVER happens anymore!

We had a great "Christmas" weekend! We're so thankful that everyone was sweet enough to be flexible about when we could celebrate. We may do things differently next year, but it's worked out fine this year!

More parties and gift buying this week and then the REAL Christmas next weekend! James really is starting to "get" the gifts and Santa and that it's Jesus' birthday. I can't wait for Christmas morning!

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