Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Decorations 2011

I've had my Christmas decorations out since the beginning of December and I am just now getting around to actually taking pictures of them. Guess I've been a little busy with two parties at my house and a wild toddler/hurricane running through! :)

You're going to laugh, but I have nowhere near all of my Christmas decorations out. About halfway through the decorating process my 31-week pregnant body asked me if I was crazy since my 33-week pregnant body will be packing them up. I decorated our den, dining room, and foyer, James has a tree up in his room (forgot to take a picture of it), and my stoop has topiaries on it with a wreath on the front door and that is it. I didn't get out my Advent wreath this year, I didn't put out any of my Christmas cookbooks, and I didn't get out all of the Christmas ornaments. It is plenty, though!

I have a *few* more things that I need to take pictures of and add, but here are a few pictures of our decorations this year!

My basket with ornaments that are safe for little hands and James' BIG stack of Christmas books!

Probably my favorite decorations! Almost all Willow House! The hurricanes came from my outlet section on my website. The bowl in the middle is from the Villa collection. The metal ornaments are also in my online store - they're called the Holiday Hanging Trio. I just bought ornaments from Hobby Lobby to fill it all up!

More Willow House. My Jolly Holiday Table Runner and a hurricane filled with more green and red! I do usually have the table runner stretched across the table, but we had company on Sunday and I wanted to use placemats instead.

My china cabinet doesn't have much, but I love my Christmas china from M. Bagwell!

In my foyer we've hung a Willow House mirror and I just tied one of our door buckets (Willow House!) on top of it and filled it with some greenery.

I used mesh on my tree for the first time this year and I LOVE it. I think I'll use more next year now that I'm brave!

Candles, real frasier fir cuttings (I could NOT find garland anywhere for the second year in a row!), Willow House stockings, James' Little People nativity, and my Santa gourd.

Baby Brother has one, too...unmonogrammed for now and waiting in his bedroom.

My nativity that Sonny brought back from Israel several years ago. I didn't put all of my nativities out this year and I actually missed taking a picture of one that is out!

That's all for now! Maybe I'll get around to adding a few more pictures soon! Thanks for visiting our home!


Amy said...

so pretty!!! i love all the willow house stuff you have! you should have posted this def made me want to buy some of those things! maybe next year! :)

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

I love your decorations!!! I need to try mesh on my tree sometime. Your stocking are so pretty!!! everything looks great!