Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby Brother...28 Weeks

We're still here and alive! I've had a rough few days of just feeling yucky and we've been really busy, too! Our Internet has been out since yesterday so I'm posting from my phone today but I had a doctor's appointment and wanted to write it down.

On Friday I woke up feeling awful. Over the weekend I was nauseated, had terrible headaches, lots of fatigue, etc. I thought I might be getting James' virus and even took phenergen on Friday to feel better. That lasted a lot of the weekend. I've also been having lots and lots of pain when Baby Brother moves. It all amounted to super low blood sugar and a super low baby!

We saw the nurse practitioner today and she basically reaffirmed my low blood sugar again. What's funny is that I was having my glucose screening done today. We'll be shocked if I fail! I've been trying hard to watch my protein intake but it's been difficult!

She said the pain I'm feeling is normal with second children. Basically, my muscles are still stretched out from James and not supporting Baby Brother. (Should've exercised more!) Nothing to be worried about but she recommended a support belt, baths, and a heating pad. I probably need to cool it on carrying James as much, too!

My weight is up 6 pounds total. I don't think that's bad at all! My blood pressure was 123/60 today. Brother's heart rate was 149 and he was wiggling everywhere! She had to chase him down to listen. All that sugar from the glucola!

I was pleased with the appointment today because I really felt like something was wrong since I was feeling so terrible! Thankful for a good appointment and a healthy baby!

Hopefully I can get the Internet running and I'll post about our weekend! If not, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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